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Paladins in love


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I don't like it when he talks about relationships. It screams "his wishful thinking" to me every time. Sigh.


(Okay, I might be adding some of *my* wishful thinking to some of my romances, though being bitten by a vampire isn't on top of my own list. But to make all FR players and writers follow my preferred personality patterns, when it comes to the juicy bits? May Torm have mercy on him.)

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Er, yeah, the whole... ahem... ritual aspect of quieting desires, whether alone or in tandem with another of the same faith, and the means of keeping things in check when no such... agreeable (?) means were available, really creeped me out.


But I can safely say that paladins in love would never 1) lie, 2) make false promises, 3) treat the object of their affection with anything but respect, 4) put the whimsy of their hearts ahead of duty to their faith.


After that, you're on your own.

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