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SCS for BGT-WeiDu's DSotSC?


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Next trip through the series I'm going to run a custom Arthurian Knights style party using BGT-WeiDu. I'm very much looking forward to having a party of four specialty paladins, a Cleric of Ilmater, and a wizard, take on DSCotSC's BG2 dragon.


I will as always have SCS installed. Is BGT-WeiDu DSotSC's dragon SCS-ified?


If so, I can't wait! If not, I'm hopeful it will be eventually. :)


A dragon will already be very tough for a BG1 party, even with Tutu's kits and spells, etc. But a SCS dragon? Sir Robin might have to bravely run away. :)

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SCS for BGT is unsupported here, but the idea may be applied to TuTu as well, though :) If so, then what about BG1NPC project enhanced to Dark Side's NPCs ? :)


I don't think I'm enough of a fan of Dark Side to want to mod for it, I'm afraid... I played it long ago when I was first investigating mods and found a few bits very nice (notably those kobolds) but overall I thought it was rather buggy (which has probably been corrected now) and very unbalanced (which probably hasn't been). I'd be more likely to want to liaise with the BG1NPC people about supporting some of the BG1NPC battles in SCS, but I'm more busy with the BG2 version now in any case.

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