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SOA or SOA and TOB


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Guest Aristothenes

No, no, I mean Catfights the way Seinfeld said it to George:

Seinfeld: George, do you know why men like catfights?

George: Women fighting each other?

Seinfeld: No, the making up. Men always think it will turn into <does hugging, kissing, rubbing motions.>

George: Oh.

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Guest Aristothenes

I mean, give the player something to worry about. 5 women screaming into his ear and the various sniping, insults,... "DRAMATIC TENSION!"

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1) Delainy going to have Player Initiated flirts (like Flirt Packs)?

2) Delainy going to have CPU initiated flirts(like Flirt Packs)?

3) Catfights...you know (Pick me! No, pick me!)?

4) Is there a mod for you to have _MORE_ than 5 NPCs in your party?

5) Bodhi capture chapter 6?

6) There should be a giant Catfights mod, but that's just my wishful thinking...

Yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no.

Ok, guess it's my turn to ask a question. A Bodhi capture? As in Bodhi putting the vamp-bite on Del? I may be confusing my gaming systems but aren't werewolves immune to vampirization? I know it's possible in WTA (if you're really lucky or unlucky depending on your point of view) but I thought that wasn't the case in AD&D? I realize this could be a spolier so if you say it's handled I'll accept that. Course if you'd like to explain you can PM me wink.gif. Or if you need a proofreader, or something similar, I can do that too *holds up sign reading "Will work for info"*.

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Normally werewolves aren't likely candidates to become vampires because of the lycanthropy virus.


However, we are not using Werewolf the Apocalypse rules in this case.


Anyways, a sufficiently powerful vampire could overcome that flaw, though. And this is the assumption I was making.

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Heh, yes Mr.Ennigma is due to the Bhaal factor (or is that X-gene ;-) ).

Actually I believe wizardly research has linked it to a possible B-Gene wink.gif. I'll stop now before this gets out of hand tongue.gif.


do u mean del has got the bhaal essence if so how or r u talking aboy bhodhi


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