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how/iwd2: opcode Jackalwere Gaze (0x127) is now known


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This opcode was not fully dissected before.

It displays a text string when applied first (Jackalwere Gaze).

Then it periodically applies SPIN179 on actors close to the target of 0x127.


SPIN179 is the actual payload for jackalwere gaze (basically a stun effect).


I have no idea why they hardcoded an actual resref into the opcode's code. It would have been much better if the opcode's resource field contains the applied spell (GemRB will support this, of course).


I've tested this by changing spin179 to simply display 'beetle' on its targets, and applied 0x127 on an actor (with others standing near).

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And finally, beholder dispel magic (0x125) is similar to the previous 2 effects, it applies the spell resource spin164 on actors around the affected actor.


I didn't find the range (radius) parameter for these 3 effects, but it seems to be varying. It isn't in the applied spells, i think.

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