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BGII BAM crashing vanilla BG1 (without TotSC)


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I am a bit lost with this one. I extracted BAMs from BGII, and used them for Bg1 items. They work fine for vanilla BG1 with installed TotSC, but for (vanilla) BG1 without TotSC installed they crash the game. (It's the carried icons, and the game crashes when I try to "open" the item in my inventory, everything else, (item in the inventory, passing from one NPC to another) is working fine, so I assume it's the BAMs).


I guess I will extract them again (actually I should do this before posting here :cry: ), since I have other BGII BAMs that are working fine, but I just wondered whether anyone knows a principle difference between BAM requirements for vanilla BG1 with or without installed TotSC? Or maybe I just screwed them up, somehow.


(I am so excited RE forum is up. Yes, this is totally offtopic.)

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It is almost certain that the bam is compressed and that's causing the crash.

Missing frames can also cause crashes, but if it was a working icon in bg2, this shouldn't be the problem.


DevSin: Yeah, you can decompress/compress bam's with dltcep :cry:

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No, decompressing resp. compressed BAMs is not the problem. They are decompressed (BG1+TotSC does require decompressed BAMs, too.) As said before, the BAMs work fine for BG1+TotSC. (To make sure, I used a freshly decompressed one and it crashed the game.)


I have the suspicion that the BAMs are too big. All "bigger" (I mean larger image) BAMs in BG1 are handled as several frames, or how it is called, that are put together to the whole picture in the inventory sceen in the game. I think vanilla BG1 requires that. Other than that, I am clueless.


EDIT: Now I see that you mentioned missing frames. Maybe the picture doesn't need to be split, but three frames should be added? Not that I know how to do that, either.

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Yes, that was it:


BG1 without TotSC requires the Carried Icon (I call it "description BAM") as a sequence in four frames, every frame containing a part of the image. This decreases file size tremendously.


After making four frames and cropping the image (it went wonderful and very easy with BAM Workshop), the item with the new description BAM now works great for BG1 without TotSC. EDIT: Works for BG1+TotSC, too. Of course, this way round it is supported, thank gods.

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