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Artistic skills up for adoption!

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Hi all ???


I've never been active in the BG community, just downloading stuff for years and years, and I really respect all the wonderful content that everyone has made.

And though I should have said this a looooong time before, I would love to contribute myself.

I am an art student majoring in animation, and though I have absolutely no clue about programming or codes whatnot, I *can* draw.

So if any modder needs anything related to art...like, oh I dunno, banners, portraits, concept art, icons, ANYTHING thats a picture ..... you are very welcome to use me any way you want :)





That is, if something of that sort is actually in demand :p:(

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I am in big need for area concept art, cities/towns/villages mostly . their general layout, the buildings basic shapes and colors. and then some details of the buildings.


dungeon, building interiors, and wilderness are also needed (in about that order)


if you give it a try and find it interesting/fun and would like to do more we can grant workroom access (post questions and pic's) if you would like.


so if you take this up at all please post drawings/sketches WTP Forum or drop me a pm ???

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