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Sol Ek Sa launched today!


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Sol Ek Sa site and forums launched today


Sol Ek Sa is a group of artists who aim to help the modding community by creating all sorts of art by request: logos, banners, portraits, BAMs, icons, websites and others. We hope to speed up and help creation of mods by allowing the modders themselves to focus on their mods and let us to the art for them-- this would also help promotion and give mods a professional look.


It`s an open group, anyone who posesses skills with editing/creating any of the above can apply to join us. We aren`t looking for community wars and differences whatsoever, but for other creative people who would agree to make art by request for IE modders.


Currently we are only accepting requests from Infinity Engine modders, but later we might lean towards other CRPG games as well.


For any other information please access our website at:



and our forum, at:



Thanks for reading! :suspect:

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