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Adding custom music to areas

Miss Sakaki

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Just what it says on the tin - I've looked at Amber's tp2 and 2da appending, but I can't make head or tail of it. I know how to put already-existing music into the area, and adding music into the game but I don't know how to put the two together. Any help would be much appreciated!

Since it isn't clear to me what you don't know, i will write all the requirements.


1. putting the music in the game

this needs to find an empty songlist.2da slot. If i recall correctly, the songlist.2da is not arbitrarily long. You can play this music with playsong(x) action. Usual problem here is to assume the songlist could have infinite entries.


1b. you need to construct a .mus file, and put the encoded .acm files into a music folder.

If it works, then you can go to the next step.


2. you need to modify the song header of an area. Use the same number you would have used in playsong(x). Usual problem here is that you load an old save game which contains an old copy of the area with the old song header.

If this works too, then you are done :(

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Check with Ascension64 on BGT and BP modding compatibility on this - I do remember there was a reason we escape this stuff for BGT installs while making maximum use of it in Tutu, but I don't remember why (perhaps the songlist.2da is already full? As Avenger mentioned, there is a set maximum length [i don't know how long] and BGT adds all BG songs into the list). The character sounds used in Xan, Kivan, BG1NPC, etc. set up a blank entry to be called.

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