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TUTU area loading problem


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This is how it looks like:


The mod 'replaces' an area, Friendly Arm Inn, in the game.

This means that a mod has an area called ARG001.are. It uses the .wed .tis and all other files of the original FAI (AR2300), only the area (so the containers, creatures, the area script and some other things are different.).


This is how it is solved: the mod extends the area script of AR2300 (original FAI) with this:




It means that if the value of ArmInvaded global variable is greater than five, the party is automatically brought to the new area ARG001.


So it should work this way in case ArmInvaded > 5: player clicks to FAI in worldmap, game loads AR2300, but the script automatically brings the party to ARG001. If the player leaves this area, and then again comes to FAI, he also firsts 'gets' to AR2300 which script brings him to ARG001 again, and so on.

(A similar solution(LeaveAreaLUA) is used in BG1 when you talk to Teven in Larswood and if you're good enough, he brings you to the Bandit Camp to meet Tazok.)


In BG1, it works fine for me. When I click to FAI in worldmap, it starts to load, and AR2300 doesn't even appear for me, but after the default FAI loading screen, the TRCARVAN (bandit camp) screen appears and it is loading. Then ARG001 appears.


I supposed it would have worked elsehow with BG2(BG1Tutu), but it would have *worked*. It doesn't. Currently I can't install Tutu, a player had problem with it: the game crashes when he goes to FAI. For another Tutu player, the area loads normally but then if he tries to move with party, they're constantly teleported back to the point they appeared.


I suspected the TRCARVAN parameter of LeaveAreaLUA as the possible reason of the crash (maybe that load image isn't in BG2), but as I mentioned, the area loads for someone else but then the teleportation problem(see above) starts...


I know that quite a lot things work separately in BG1 and in BG2.

I'm not familiar with BG2 modding too much thus I can't really guess the problem in BG1Tutu. I'd be most grateful for any help.

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Area crashes in Tutu have been, I think, largely attributed to problems with the user's installation rather than with mods. ;)


Not sure about the repeat teleporting, you might want to add a variable to your script to make sure the block doesn't repeat.

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The player reinstalled whole game, installed Tutu and then the mods (including the one with the crashing problem.).


The teleport problem: it shouldn't repeat, because once you arrive to arg001, its script is not the ar2300's one (which causes the party to go arg001) but the arg001.bcs which is different and has nothing to do with party teleportation.


Adding variable to prevent the block to be run again would cause the following: the

player going to FAI finds his/her party in arg001 only FIRST time. Next time when going to FAI the script wouldn't trigger so he wouldn't be brought to arg001 but to ar2300.

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We changed master areas, it still crashed.

However, Idobek noticed that the wedfile wasn't changed to FW2300 and this might be the problem. I also changed some song resrefs. Now I look forward for the tester's report.

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