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Can RealGlobalTimers ever get stuck and why?


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From time to time(about once a year, honestly) I get a timer stuck - my next lovetalk or something won't fire, and this (Real) timer, set with RealSetGlobalTimer and checked with RealGlobalTimerExpired, never gets to 1. Today I had a bug report for a fairly primitive component - and it might be an issue with the component's timer, as well.


What can it be?

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Yeah, I've seen this, in my own game, on rare occasions, and wondered about it.


Have you ever asked for the decompiled script, to see if maybe it was a faulty download? I know it's a tired excuse, but when I've had it happen myself, a fresh download/reinstall has usually resolved it.


Oddly enough, I've never decompiled the script myself to look.

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