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Fixes for Divine Remix v6


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CamDawg, since you seem to be working toward a new DR release (dare we hope?), just thought I'd gather the outstanding fixes to make sure you don't miss anything (aren't I nice?).


> NPC clerics shouldn't start the game with spells memorized they shouldn't be able to learn (should be easy to fix now with ADD_MEMORIZED_SPELL if it's not already; also minor readme fix reported here)


> Branwen begins with a proficiency slot in sling, but it has no +/- next to it on the proficiency screen (might be fixed already)


> Readme does not detail alignment restrictions on spells (necessary for modding DR compatibility)


> Cause Light Wounds (cdcauslw) says it's level 5 in its description (change it to level 1, as it's coded). Same goes for Cause Medium Wounds (cdcausmw) which should be level 3.


> Add Chaos sphere to Strifeleader kit to correct major inconsistency; also has no sling proficiency


> Elemental sub-sphere/kit assignments: "Very few priests have access to all four elements," (per Player's Option: Spells & Magic) and yet most of the kits actually do have this access, making some rather unbalancing and others rather weak (more on Access Cost tables and a spreadsheet here)


> Sphere corrections* as per Player's Option: Spells & Magic (p. 29) which came out the same year (1996) as the 2e FR supplement Faiths & Avatars, from which most of these kits appear to be drawn.

Barkskin - Plant (Plant and Protection)

Protection From Fire - Elemental Fire (Elemental Fire, Protection)

Protection From Lightning - Weather (Protection, Weather)

Animal Summoning I - Animal (Animal, Summoning)

Call Woodland Beings - Animal (Animal, Summoning)

Animal Summoning II - Animal (Animal, Summoning)

Animal Summoning III - Animal (Animal, Summoning)

Call Woodland Beings, in the game anyhow, has nothing to do with animals - it summons a dryad. Faiths & Avatars cites both these changes and the Tome of Magic (1991) and in addition on p. 183 makes its own sphere corrections:
Summon insects (3rd-level, animal sphere) also belongs to the summoning sphere.

Conjure fire elemental (6th-level, elemental and elemental fire spheres) also belongs to the summoning sphere.

* I know you said somewhere "no sphere changes," but, eh... why not? I'm willing to live without these reassignments if necessary, but I really feel strongly about the elemental subsphere overuse/abuse in the kits.


I also have a few priest spells I've added from underimplemented spheres, as well as some IWD/PnP druid spells from Ayce I'm converting to WeiDU. Would you consider adding these in the next release? Do you have a target date yet so I can try to meet that if necessary?

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