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Adding Bonus by Item Type?


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Is it possible to add a bonus to a character only when he wields a particular item type...such as a bastardsword or mace etc?


So the bonus is not tied to the item itself but applies to whichever item of that type the character is currently wielding?


My mind is currenlty drawing a blank on how to go about this.

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This effect will work only in gemrb, i fear.

I tested it extensively, and the opcode does stuff, but the core engine seems to ignore it at best (and crash at worst).



There are 2 possible ways (oops three):

1. some kind of script trigger checking the itemtype in the equipped slot, probably unworkable.

2. weidu mass replacement which adds an equipping effect which could be checked by scripts and perform your special effect

3. weidu mass replacement which adds your special effect(s) as equipping effect.

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Thanks, all of which sound overly hacky for my purposes.


My original thought was just to give an ability similar to the thiefs Poison Weapon though that would apply to any weapon and not just the particular one I wish to target (for RP purposes).

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There is an effect which works for ANY melee (or any ranged) hits.


#248 applies an .eff file at each successful melee hit,

#249 applies an .eff file at each successful ranged hit.


The .eff file itself could then apply a spell, or do something else.


This is how the poison weapon effect works.




Ahh, you just said that.

But, knowing the item type wouldn't help you with this.

What you need is a dynamic hit effect assignment to a particular weapon.

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I guess you already ruled out the obvious opcode #233 (proficiency modifier)? Though that can only set the proficiency, not increase or decrease it. However, you could hack around that with level/class checks, or if you're only using it on a particular NPC, it might become moot.

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