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Removing Duplicate Portraits

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I tend to be a bit of a powergamer, and like downloading a huge number of portraits from portrait-galleries in order to have the widest choice for my RPG games. The trouble is that people often use the same old portraits, but with completely different file-names. The result is that I've had to laboriously delete the various copies by hand. This only works up to a certain point, as once most of the duplicates have been removed, it becomes all too easy to mistakingly remove portraits which aren't actually duplicates, due to simple human error.


What I would be interested in is if there is any software out there, which can detect which, if any, portraits in a particular folder are the same as each other, even if they have totally different file-names. This would make things a hell of a lot easier for me. Anyone know of such software?

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Just keep in mind that you shouldn't delete portraits from the override directory, only the portraits folder. Portraits in the override folder with specific names are accessed by mods using that name, and if you delete the duplicates, the portrait won't show up for that mod.


Sorry if this is obvious.

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