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Tortures Mod


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The whole concept of intro areas is stupid. Heck the people who came to save Targos are carrying nothing, but a walking stick, no they are not Kwai Chang Caine, so its silly. I am still waiting for the one glorious idea. So no amount of rape or waterboarding is going to make it more believeable.

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Developing that idea with two buttons, or choosing to spare Jaheira's life OR Khalid's life has potential, but it's still the beginning of the game - I, the player, don't give a damn whether they live or die. Yet, or whatsoever. In fact, at this stage of the game the player doesn't have _anything_ Irenicus can take from him. Except the player's life, but since we're know it's the beginning of the game, the player is invincible.


So what are you hoping to discover?

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