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Cloak of the Sewers


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I transformed into a rat to fight Adamantium golems in the Planar Sphere engine room. The rat transformation wore off when its duration ran out, but the Shapeshift Natural Form button did not disappear from my Innate abilities tab. It was also still there after resting 8 hours. Clicking the Shapeshift Natural Form button caused the usual swirly graphics and the button disappeared and did not reappear.

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First, a note for the IESDP: opcode 171 will grant innates permanently, even when set to instant/limited timing (0).


I don't think there's anything we can do here. Since it's not expiring with the other effects, we could do a delayed Remove Spell but that'll just cause worse bugs. Poly to rat, voluntarily change back, polymorph to jelly. After 120 seconds from your initial rat transformation, it takes away the Shapeshift Natural Form ability--meaning your stuck as a troll until it runs out.

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