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Glowing Pool


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QUOTE(Shaitan @ Dec 12 2007, 01:32 AM)

I got this strange bug: When fighting the "shadow Lover" at the CC sewers Keldorn threw a dispel magic, and in the pool next to the four pipes a blue-circled man named "Glowing Pool" became visible...



It's the invisible creature which has dialogue with you when you approach the pipes for the first time. His invisibility should not be dispellable, but it is. It's vanilla game minor issue. I can fix it.


Since the bug was not related to IA (but rather a vanilla game issue), I moved the posts to the appropriate thread.



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// 'glowing pool' creature from lilarcor quest has dispellable invisibility (via mage item); add it directly as creature effect
COPY_EXISTING ~sewsw.cre~  ~override~
 PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x2d3) THEN BEGIN // protects against invalid files
READ_LONG 0x2a0 "kspl_off"
READ_LONG 0x2a8 "minfo_off"
READ_LONG 0x2b0 "mspl_off"
READ_LONG 0x2b8 "itmslot_off"
READ_LONG 0x2bc "itm_off"
READ_LONG 0x2c4 "fx_off"
READ_LONG 0x2c8 "fx_num"
SET "delta" = 1
INSERT_BYTES  "%fx_off%" 0x108 // inserting new effect
  WRITE_LONG  ("%fx_off%" + 0x08)  20 // opcode: invis
  WRITE_LONG  ("%fx_off%" + 0x1c)   1 // instant/permanent
  WRITE_SHORT ("%fx_off%" + 0x24) 100 // prob
WRITE_LONG 0x2c8 ("%fx_num%" + "%delta%")
SET "offset" = ("%delta%" * 0x108)
PATCH_IF NOT ("%fx_off%" > "%kspl_off%") BEGIN
  WRITE_LONG 0x2a0 ("%kspl_off%" + "%offset%")
PATCH_IF NOT ("%fx_off%" > "%minfo_off%") BEGIN
  WRITE_LONG 0x2a8 ("%minfo_off%" + "%offset%")
PATCH_IF NOT ("%fx_off%" > "%mspl_off%") BEGIN
  WRITE_LONG 0x2b0 ("%mspl_off%" + "%offset%")
PATCH_IF NOT ("%fx_off%" > "%itmslot_off%") BEGIN
  WRITE_LONG 0x2b8 ("%itmslot_off%" + "%offset%")
PATCH_IF NOT ("%fx_off%" > "%itm_off%") BEGIN
  WRITE_LONG 0x2bc ("%itm_off%" + "%offset%")

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