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IWD: HoW-only and TotL-only resources


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I know the (approximate) lists for ToB-only and TotSC-only dialogue resources exist somewhere(or do they?), and I just wondered if such lists exist for IWD's main expansion, HoW, and the secondary expansion, TotL.


If you know of, or have contributed to, such materials, will you share, please?

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Same way you do for BG2: in NI, Options > Ignore Overrides. Open up a dialogue and look at the source file for it in the bottom line of the window. DLGfile.bif is base IWD, eDLG.bif is a HoW resource, and zDLG.bif is a TotL resource.


Same is true for other resource biffs (e- is a HoW file, z- is TotL).

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Sure, but I usually don't like checking for stuff in data folders in this new, shiny age of Multi-Install Tools and whatnot. I'd suggest an ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~foo~ THEN BEGIN. IWD Tweaks uses ar9100.are as my HoW detection and ar9700.are for TotL.

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For some strange reason, I've been convinced it might not work if the user biffs his installation(though Weidu says otherwise), thus I've been using .bif files in my ToB checks for Xan/Angelo/Tiax/RE all along.


But this is something to keep in mind, thank you!

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If you are checking which game it is, could you use instead:




where <game> is

bg2, soa, tob, iwd2, pst, bg1, totsc, iwd, iwd1, how, tutu, tutu_totsc




Some of the <game> things are equivalent, like bg2 and soa, and iwd and iwd1.

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I'm just checking if HoW/TotL is installed to compile interjections/other stuff for the expansion, so. I think I'll trust the user to find IWD directory; NSIS will point him to the right direction, though.

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