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Wearing magical objects


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I believe this is done in the individual item file. You need to locate the particular item file you want to change and remove the "Magical" flag that is set in it (as simple as taking a tick out of a box).


You can do this with both NI and DLTCEP.

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Hi, I know there are mods out there that let you wear magic rings with magic armour, but I just want to know which file to modify to allow this to happen. If anyone can tell me which one it would be greatly appreciated.

BG2 Tweaks has a component which does (Wear Multiple Protection Items > No Restrictions).

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Is it possible allowing to wear only one protection item at a time but still being able to wear it with a magical armor? If i leave only rings and amulets of protection in the ITEMEXCL.2DA file maybe they can be worn with a magical armor but they can't be worn altogether...am i wrong? :)

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One thing I've always been interested in testing is whether the second column in itemexcl has any practical meaning, i.e. you could have multiple exclusive sets if you use a different value. I.e.


armor1 1
armor2 2
ring1  1
ring2  2

Would something like this mean you couldn't wear more than one item with a value of 1 or more than one item of value 2. Your valid combinations, if this holds, would be armor1 + ring2, armor2 + ring1 but not armor1 + ring1 or armor2 + ring2.


Never tested it because I never thought of anything nifty to do with it and (more to the point) it's probably just a true/false tag anyway.

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