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Aerie, the PC, and tiefling love


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I think the PC would need a certain amount of intelligence just to keep track of what HD is saying from one end of the conversation to the other! Bards. Fun, but wordy!

exactly ... i couldnt picture having a conversation with h'd if the pc intelligence is something like 9 or so ... although it would be funny :D

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It so would!


HD - "Sweet raven, hound of war, I must unburden my heart to your willing ear."


PC - "Say what?"

... :D ... hehe ...


HD - "Sweet raven, hound of war, I must unburden my heart to your willing ear."


PC - "Leave alone me, bard. Have to hack goblins"


:D:D okay you get the idea ? *lol*


*dreamy sigh* i can already hear aeries wailings when she is interrupted in her sweet-talk :D

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Aerie - "(CHARNAME), why must you forever interrupt my conversations with HD?"


CHARNAME - "Back off, bimbo - the bard is mine. Capiche?"

aww poor aerie :D ...


Aerie - "B-but I have e-every right to ... to speak with him a-as you do!"


PC - :D


... okay once more i made the point that i cant write if my life depends on it :D


*goes of to find her aerie-hit-doll*

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1.CHARNAME - "The only rights you have are the ones I give you. Get back in line and be quiet for once!"


2.CHARNAME - "Oh, I apologise, Aerie! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I was only trying to spare you the certain humiliation you will suffer if you seriously think you can compete with me!"


3.CHARNAME - "You are right, Aerie. I had no idea of the way you felt! I will step down so you have a clear path to your heart's desire."


Aerie - "R-really?"


3a.CHARNAME - "Of course." (romance screwed, perhaps?)

3b.CHARNAME - "No. Get real, Aerie!"

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That post of yours made me chuckle!


Aerie and CHARNAME - "You stay out of this!"

hehe ... i can SEE this  :D  ...


HD - " :D "

PC & Aerie - "GOOD!!! *both clear throats*"


PC - "YES!"


PC - "YES!"




Aerie - "HD, how do i look in this dress ?  :D "

PC - " *snort* Compared to what ? "

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:D  that was a good one ... mood swings ... lol ...


Aerie - "W-what pleasant c-conversation ? I ... I t-thought (CHARNAME) w-was just a-asking how to p-pronounce th-this spell ?!"


PC & HD - " :D "


Viconia - "I can't believe you fall for that trick, damsel in distress ... "

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Here's an idea:


Aerie has been whinging about her wings (as usual).


HD - "If our hearts were to become one, fair Aerie, then I could be your wings! But alas, this poor sparrow finds his heart belongs to another, a bird of the night with whom I shall soar far beyond this mortal coil!"


Aerie - "Y-you mean..."


PC - "*mutters under breath* Told you so!"

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