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Aerie, the PC, and tiefling love


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And I'd be happy to handle the french translation, but I think we're not there yet...

As for graphics... We had a quest planned for TOB, it could surely benefit from a brand new area  :D

Hm, Haer'Dalis' body for when he gets vampirized by Bodhi...

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*ding ding*


(sing) Oh, Aerie is a righteous pain

And I think we all know why

So pull out freshly sharpened knives

And help that b***h to die!

*makes her best impression of one of those number-girls*


Me - " And in the red corner Aerie, whining, annoying, wingless braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!;


Aerie - " :D Hey !!!"


Me - " :D *throws her whistle at Aerie* ... and in the blue corner : Myyyyyyyysttttttiiiiiiiiiiiic Tempeeeeeeeeeessssst, official aerie-hater and sword-wielder! So you two i want a good and clean fight ! Lets get it on!"

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*MysticTempest pulls a throwing dagger from her boot and pierces Aerie's heart.* Oh, sorry, ref, I missed that last part....

*sigh* ah well... the result is all that matters, isnt it ? :D


... ahem ... *cough*cough* ... :D ... is it spamming what we are doing ? :D

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Probably. Still, we are providing interesting insights into ways to rid HD and the PC of Aerie! Nothing should stand in the way of true love, not even a wingless wonder! (As in wonder why she's still breathing)

true ... we do the world a favor .. teheeee ... so did you read "oh my god they killed aerie ?" ... :D ...

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