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Aerie, the PC, and tiefling love


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Aerie approaches you, looking determined and very nervous at the same time.


Aerie: <CHARNAME>? I... There's something I need to speak to you about. You and... I mean, you've been spending a lot of time with Haer'Dalis, and I would like to know how you... if you...


PC: What do you mean, Aerie?


Aerie: Well... I... he obviously cares for you, but... but... he and I... well, I like him a lot too, and... and...


PC: I understand, Aerie. Well, if you don't mind sharing him, I won't either.


Aerie: No... that's not what I meant! I don't...


Haer'Dalis: Sharing? I must admit that I find that idea strangely appealing. Between the raven and the dove, this lucky sparrow would not know where to turn. Surrounded by love on all sides, immersed in bliss...


Aerie: What? How can you... I thought...


Haer'Dalis: There is one problem, though, my sweet birds of love. Although I would rather not admit it, I might not always be... capable... of satisfying both of you at the same time. Perhaps a simple scheme of rotation would work?


PC: Well, I don't think that's fair. I think the scheme should be based on performance, instead. What do you say, Aerie? Should we begin the testing a once, or should we wait until tonight?


Aerie: No, please don't... I don't want anything to do with... Leave me alone, both of you! I don't want to talk about this again, ever.


Promising. Very promising. I do hope to see this text in the mod.


Though this bit, I think, is not necessary here: "Aerie approaches you, looking determined and very nervous at the same time" - since it is already obvious from the dialogues how Aerie feels.

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From where I'm standing, things get pretty serious in this conversation, and Haer sees it. Now, all males are different, but I've yet to see one who will keep bragging out of light-hearted banter. Though, of course, that can happen.


(Not with his Con score, it can't...)

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Guest Noctalys

Ok...I have to ask this, even though you all seem to be having much fun with your various homicidal fantasies involving a certain wingless annoying little bugger, but ....Are you required to have Aerie in your party for the romance to work? All of this dialogue and the fighting seem highly amusing, but Aerie is not the most...shall we say...useful party member in the whole of Faerun, and dragging her around seems less than conducive to getting any actual "questing" done... I can handle my party well enough to cover for her, but she's not that good of a character practicality wise, imho. :)

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I am actually of the opposite opinion - Aerie is one of the best characters in BG2 and I will hand her Haer'Dalis with a pink-and-gold ribbon if she wants the guy if it ever came to such a conflict. And then go back to mooning over Kivan, but we all knew that, right? :)

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Guest Noctalys

...Maybe I feel that way about Aerie because I am perhaps not very good at building cleric/mages then? Then again, I've never really had a need for one in my party...

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