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Aerie, the PC, and tiefling love


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I still reserve my right to hate Aerie as other people can love her...


Now, that gave me an idea for a line: There are always people who reserve their right to hate, and those who reserve their right to love. I am more comfortable with the latter. I just need to find the character and a banter to fit it in. :)

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Dearrrest Aerie, oh, yesss.

Domi, one my friend can say such things much better than me, and how strange, she has no reasons to hate Aerie at all, but our opinions are the same. Look Hallyafae's posts, I personally quite enjoy her way to talk. :)


I know runs off with it and throws it in the deepest reaches of Hell were it will be forever doomed to watch Barney reruns.


I'd suggest daddy-Bhaal's toilet sit.


By the way, I recall that after a certain event, someone has absolutely no trouble in killing Aerie and no-one in the party or the inn says a thing about it...


Hey, MUCH funnier! My friend was having them both in the party and, phew, in romance. Of course I could'n deny myself killing her and then save the game. And what? Dalis didn't even yawn. I told him to go pick up her weapons to sell, but he didn't even move. Strange. I came up and gave him a really good kick on his Stoneskin and he at last "woke up". Never even noticed that "someone is missing" in the party. Such a sweet bug it was, I suppose.


And thanks to daddy she's "gloriously leaving him" (har-har, nah!) Who of the men can stand THIS too long, after he's satisfied with "I wanted - I got it"? I remember how he reacted on this - it looked like his talk to that whore, Elanda, in the Deloshar's Inn. And what exactly she "leaves" him for? The Doomguards. "I don't understand you, I don't like your opinion, so go away." SUCH relationships of course must end the quicker the better. Methinks they could be together if she respected his sights or, even better, started thinking like him. A perfect pair must understand each other and have the same opinions, I think. Well, again thanks to Bhaal they didn't become such a pair. (After all he's not that kind of a man, who will say "Kania, cut away your nose and my love will become even greater." Though a pity, I will not have an opportunity to join the Doomguards.)

I'm personally not that type of women who "hates her because they're jealous". When I saw Aerie first t'was some king of pity to "poor little" who was suffering so much. (Opinions are always so different! Yeah, mayhap someone can find her cute, I myself think the eyes are enormous. But THAT VOICE??) I hated her when saw how exactly she behaves. Yeah, but who of us live in paradise? But who of us ever turned to become a whining "little poor" to get what she wants? A 5-year old girl - "If I start crying, mommy will sertainly pity me, so unhappy, and give me that sweeties"?

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Domi, one my friend can say such things much better than me, and how strange, she has no reasons to hate Aerie at all, but our opinions are the same. Look Hallyafae's posts, I personally quite enjoy her way to talk.


I don't see a point of you bringing up this quote. I am not a person who runs with the herd, and never was. I also train myself to avoid hatefests of any kind.


I hated her when saw how exactly she behaves. Yeah, but who of us live in paradise? But who of us ever turned to become a whining "little poor" to get what she wants? A 5-year old girl - "If I start crying, mommy will sertainly pity me, so unhappy, and give me that sweeties"?


Firstly, I am yet to meet a person who does not complain about what misfortunes had befallen them to their friends, especially when they are out on the road spending long hours together. It is conductive to self-expositions, and the whole idea of Bioware banter is conductive to self-exposition. I have heard most of the NPCs share the problems with my PC and each-other. From my favorite BG2 character Valygar to my least favorite BG2 character.


Secondly, I have never seen Aerie to ask for anything from anyone. What is it that she wanted and an NPC had given her because she cried rivers and said "please, please, please...."? If you refuse to go see Quayle when he summons her, she at least does not throw a fit or quit the party like so many other NPCs.


As for high-pitched voice, well, I have an exceptionally high-pitch voice myself... I pray that not everyone feels that the sopranos should be outlawed and disallowed.

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Thanks, Kulyok, I'll try the banter accellerator again. I think it may have been uninstalled when I uninstalled Kelsey, which comes with his story. Maybe that is why I indeed missed the ending of Aerie and Dalis. It was so annoying to have their dialogs simply...stop.


I don't really see all this as a hate fest for real. As much as we love the game, I think (or hope) that we all don't run around hating people for real. It is just a way to have fun with a game. Kanny, don't you worry about a thing for hating Aerie! I personally think it's just fine. I have fun hating her. I see her just as a character in a game, nothing more! Just like people in the 80's had fun hating JR Ewing in the show Dallas and Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows. It was just a fun experience.

Kanny, I think you'd make a GREAT Doomguard! Hee hee! And how about a little piece of that heart??? :)

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Then hate is too stong of a word. I'd caution anyone against throwing the words around needlessly. I have seen none offended by someone saying I like/admire/love such and such character. I have seen and participated in the hot flamewars on the "Let's all hate and invent 1001 ways to slaughter such and such". They cost me goodwill of the Attic; I felt ostracized at the site I used to like. On the other hand, using one wrong word in regards to a character I disliked gave me a tongue lashing at PPG.


BioWARE and any other literary characters being archetypes and very open to investing the reader's own feelings into them, you can seriously if not offend, but at least cause an unpleasent sensation, prickle or cause a person to argue with you when there is no cause for argument by advocating death, mutilation, or torture of someone's favorite. It is not what you say, it's how you say it.


Because of those two factors, I advocate and attempt to excersise bashing-free behavoir on the modding forums, where people are so different, and alas, proved to be easily anatgonized on so many accounts already. It will be a pity to add the dreadful 'character fractions' to it.


The statements like: "Aerie is not my cup of tea; I dislike Aerie; Her character built is incompatible with my party balance; Aerie's voice-overs are unpleasent imo;" are not like to ruffle anyone's feathers, and sound just fine and courteous to others. The open gloating, bashing and hatefests can and will leave at least one person on this forum unwilling to participate in the discussions. Me.


Moreover when it has nothing to do with the topic and spams the unrelated forum.

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Domi, I don't say that just because my own voice is like Edwina's, look at Alora. Her voice is so pretty! I think it's something about it's timbre and what she talks about.

And tell me, Aerie's whining is not to attract attention. What does she do, if romancing PC? "Charname, if you love me, throw him/her from the party, he/she is offending ME". No??? Yep, they can share their problems, but in what way? Does for example your Varygar whine about his poor parents? Keldorn about his wife? Haer'Dalis can't sleep because he's afraid Duke Darkwood is in his wardrobe?


Minarvia, I'm glad you're having fun. I'm not. I love for real, I hate for real. It's me. And no one of them is a "character in a game" for me. ... Your right to consider me insane... And thank you for a great Doomguard, I'll try my best.

- Heart? Heart! Montaron, is it ready?

- Still roasting, Pointy-Ears! Wait!



For real, what is this theme about? Bad bad Kanny!

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You "don't like a tember of her voice" is a step in right direction to having an exchange of opinions, as opposite to aiming for confrontation. Alas, the end of your post deviated from this benevolent trend.


So, to answer the rational thesis you have presented:


Yes, Valygar told me of his problems with his parents and I watched hiom to carry Lavok up the steps of the Sphere. Yes, Keldorn insisted that I go visit his wife, and participate in the family drama of his.


On the other hand, the last thing I have heard from Aerie when quitting the game yesterday was "I am so happy that I have come with you. This group does such good things." Which was quite sweet of her, and I am hard pressed to see where is 'whining' in that or in "I will hurt you if I have to" or in "I will not have my friends to be hurt!" - those two lines alone make her one of my most favorite characters.


I have never had her appeal to my PC for removal of characters from the party; it seems to depend on how balanced your party is. It is obvious to me that a good leader is to expect tensions if s/he tries to make a gentle elven maiden and a crude dwarf to work together. S/he should expect that it will take an effort, mediation and diplomacy. On another hand, one can opt out for less extreme combination, and have a feud-free run.


The bottom line is, that every character has irritating and endearing aspects. I have learned it all too well, while working on BG1NPC. Therefore, each will appeal to someone.


No matter how unbelievable that may seem to you. In most cases, you will not be able to convince people to stop liking them. You have a better chance to alienate people with whom under other circumstances, you could have remained on friendly terms. Internet exchanges are very superficial and conductive to forming quick and unfair judgements of character.


In conclusion, this thread is not about bashing Aerie - I would suggest opening one in the Attic's Hell Kitchen if you require venting and a good hard bash-fest.


This thread is about discussing the love triangle. While it is obvious that killing or dismissing Aerie is a possibility, and will be taken by some, I think that it should have consequences, and not 4-th wall breaking consequences. I am yet to read a book where a non-evil character will fall in love with a woman who'd slaughter his love.

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First of all I've added back the banter accellerator to see if I can see the rest of the story of Aerie and Dalis. Kanny, I choose which characters I LOVE for real and which I don't take seriously!!! Personally I don't think a couple are worth it to me. But I do look forward to seeing what lies in store for Dalis and all the other NPC's.

I can and will use which words I like and if others begin to feel preachy then fine, I don't really care. I don't think anyone scrutinizes with a dictionary for every word they use in life and obsess over every little deed in their life just to try and pick it apart. If they do, great for them! I hope people on forums are people who respect free speech too much to tell people what to say. Yes, we can share problems with loved ones but it can go too far. I think that Aerie does indeed 'ask for something.' She asks for constant sympathy and attention which is fine to a certain point. Those who love her endlessly, good for them. I love and have love like others here. I don't need or want to be 'cautioned' about anything. I think we all have brains and can decide for ourselves. But I think I'll thank the poster all the same as I'm sure the intentions were well-meant. As for storylines for Dalis, I wonder if there be any new areas to explore? I may have missed that answer so I'll forage around on this forum for a bit to see.

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Courtesy and consideration do not defy the freedom of speech. It is also an accepted thing in a civilized society, that a person can voice a displeasure with the behaivor he or she finds discomforting and that diminishes his or her productivity (if we are talking about work-place ethics).


I think it is much more beneficial in the long run to find a compromise where everyone feels welcome, rather than start dividing into factions and participates in time comsumming, rather boring flame wars. I, myself, will not engage into yet another Aerie Flame War or any other flame war, I will just quietly leave the fora.


Additionally, JPS should not be put into the position where he feels any sort of pressure to write on order or have to mediate.

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Haer Dalis will romance Aerie if the player doesn't want to? I"m new so I just wonder. I see there will be new quests and that's good. I don't know but that Haer likes Aerie in BG so I thought they liked each other but I never kept Haer until TOB to see whaty gives later. Does Dommi run this forum? Or JPS? Anyway I hope this is far along and will be released soon.

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I'ts Haer'Dalis! And as Master JPS creates the MOD, no one else matters here, methinks.


Do-omi, in the Nine Heels, t'was her "good reputation" saying! Does Vally or Keldorn mention their misfortunates EVERYWHERE all the time?? And the PC is the only one to decide, WHO will be is s/his party, no? For example I personally NEED Korgan just because I have no Second Fighter. If she's so sweety and tender she could just get on with that dwarf or dear Vicky.

And (IMHO, I.M.H.O!) there ARE HEROES (Bhaal takes that "characters"!) who doesn't irritate anyone. Look at, for example, Cernd. Yep, he can for somebody be "useless" or "a jerk, who left his wife", but find me any person who was irritated with his manners, voice or anything. Alora? Garrick (before SoA disfigured him)? Dammit, Coran or Kivan? Methinks if somebody is irritating - it's deserved. In some way for somebody.

And I don't want to make enemies with anybody here, but when somebody eulogize this <censored> Aerie on HDR forum, I just cant' shut up, no matter how hard I try. This place promises us a paradise in Tiefling's arms and I can't stand here any good words about a harpy, who tried to capture Him.

A? ... whose love? Excuse me? Aye, THAT one... Eldoth, my good friend was saying he loves Skie as well, you ask the Bard? I prefer murdering that *thing* before *He* even remembers who he is and where he is. OR doing this after he's already tired of... HER. I'm personally not capable of doing a thing like murdering Loves whore and then raping him. T'is HIS feelings I want to win and if I can't, I'd NEVER make Him suffer. I'd better eat my socks. A good thing to occupie myself.




I' m sorry. Really sorry. All I pray for is that Master JPS is doing what he thinks is right, not much reading those our outrageous disputes, because what he does IS right. I'll not pop in here anymore, I myself know, I can't stop from.... ****....

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Ok JPS writes the mod. I see now. Thanx Kania Blade! Just Dommi seems like a priest who wants to preach all day and nobody was even attacking her or not being polite I think. She/he has a problem maybe. :) I'm glad Dommi is not the mod author.

Okay. I don't see problems on this forum anyways so why worry?

I want tiefling love! You want tiefling love! And I don't remember that he loves Skie. :O He does? Or was that Eldoth? Been ages since I playd BG the first game because HD is not in it.

You shoudn't have to leave the forum because of one person...stay! I like your opinons.

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