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Aerie, the PC, and tiefling love


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QUOTE(JPS @ Nov 23 2005, 05:48 AM)

If you do have Aerie in the party, however, I have tried to make sure that the situation will play out in a way that's interesting and in character for everybody involved. Players who like Aerie and want her to stay in the party will probably get the most out of this, and players who absolutely hate Aerie and want her to suffer will possibly be a little bit disappointed, but there should be something there for everyone

Then this will all probably workout alright! I hope nobody will be disapointed I sure don't think I will be.

Domi said-If you believe that my posts constitute a personal attack, feel free to report them to Cam.

Well, thanx I guess. I didn't know I needed divine permission... :)

But no worries for me...not worth it! Like I said, I just want Dalis and this great mod.

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Guest Divinedisorder

Personally, game wise, I like to play nice goodie good characters. I wouldn't mind having the option to be a vicious bitch to Aerie, but I would like to have someone who's still a good person trying to go after the Bard. Someone who will be honest but not sugar coat the situtation.

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Hmm, I was just wondering...


Being the fanatic I am, I like to try and get as much dialog as I can out of a character. This means relolading conversations, and trying out different characters in or out of a party.


To my point: With Haer Dalis and Aerie... You can either get Aerie first (which seems to be the preferable way, since through getting her you get pointed towards Haer Dalis), but you can also choose to get Haer Dalis first (ie, you can just barge into the theatre not knowing anything, they'll still ask for help though).


So, to my real point: ^^; I noticed when I got Haer Dalis first to see if he made any comments while I got Aerie and did the whole circus thing that he doesn't say anything. In fact I don't think any of the characters I had really said anything.


I was a little disappointed, I kinda expected at least one comment when we found Aerie.


But anyway, I wonder if there will be any dialogue added for Haer Dalis there, or how getting him first or her first will affect anything, if it even will affect anything at all. I would assume that getting Aerie first and then hopping over to save Haer Dalis would be the best way to do things if you wanted to get the most interaction between Aerie, Haer Dalis, and the PC.

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On Aerie's personality, the fact of the matter is she does not whine endlessly about her wings. Most of time she's a very quiet and introverted character, and the only person she'll discuss all that with in detail is the PC in the romance - she won't even talk it over much with Haer'Dalis. I'd say from the start she doesn't fully trust Haer'Dalis, or is at least suspicious of his intentions towards her and doesn't risk getting as close to him as she does to the PC.


Also, she isn't vain at all. It's her complete lack of vanity and self-confidence that's her most crucial flaw IMHO. She is intelligent and wise, but with no belief in herself whatsoever we don't often get to see it. The reason Haer'Dalis makes her perform the play is to obviously to get her to build confidence - you find there a lot of actors who have very poor images of themselves in real life but on stage, when they're pretending to be someone else, they'll be fine.


Needy she is, but only because her experience of the world beyond the circus tents is zero. She knows she would get lost on her own, or someone could easily take advantage of her. She breaks off with Haer'Dalis when she realises he was doing just that. By the end of the game she's a completely different character because her experience has grown and she's no longer needy at all.


After saying all that, obviously there should be some options in this mod for all players, including ones who just want to beat up and humiliate Aerie. But what would be a bad thing would be for her to be reduced to just a 'blonde stereotype' which she isn't.


And even if the PC chooses to start attacking her, it's important that traffic not be all one way and Aerie get some good shots in of her own.

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Awww, I'm most eager, still look: it's a HAER'DALIS-ROMANCE forum and yet there is already three (if not more) pages of dancing around the PC's RIVAL. :) Something is rather wrong in all that, nope? After all there are enough forums exactly for Aerie and Anomen lovers.

*dreamy* I'll vivisect her and Dalis can do anything he wishes with Anomen or anybody else who even glances at me... and then we'll have 15 children! :love:

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Awww, I'm most eager, still look: it's a HAER'DALIS-ROMANCE forum


Yes, it is. And Aerie is a part of that romance mod, so maybe it's just concievable that discussing how her character should be written in aforementioned mod might be important to some people.

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The option "Kania, shut the f** up!" is not working.

Then Anomen is the part of the plot as well. Still Kelsey (or who it was?) is simply murdering the poor cleric, hated and made fun of by everybody. I suppose Dalis can do it as well - his right after all, and by that time the PC with a terribly silly smile will be giving sweeties to our dearest Aerie, looking attentively, how's Minsc reactiong on that (by the way)? Say that I'm dumb, but I don't understand this humor. :)

I know quite a lot of Dalis lovers, none of them can stand her. As well as almost all "big guys, who like to take care of the poor little" despise "that blasted bard, jumping around my girl". Back to the "lovers". If they imstall the MOD to finally have this brilliant tiefling after such long time of waiting, I doubt somebody will love to watch those two flirting. Or listen to Anomen's babbling about his orden. The Romance MOD has it's center on the romance itself, or the plot is "How I was trying to grab Aerie's boyfriend and to get away from one pompous cleric"?

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I know quite a lot of Dalis lovers, none of them can stand her.


There are an awful lot of people who like both characters. It often happens in real life that two people who are friends start to fall for the same guy. Relationships can be complicated that way.


As for Anomen, is someone wants to start a thread about him they have every right to.


As well as almost all "big guys, who like to take care of the poor little" despise "that blasted bard, jumping around my girl".


Again, such baseless generalizations do you no favors at all.

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