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Torchwood Season One Review


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LOL. I agree with Azazello.


I used to live in a country (England) where a woman's naked breasts caused as much uproar as a terrist attack. (Yes, I'm exaggerating... though just slightly :thumbsup:) I laughed when they blurred Crazy Frog's "private bit" out. I mean, COME ON! We all know what breasts and male genetalia look like. ;)

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The Middle English reaction to sex on TV is hilarious.


I must admit I find a lot of the left wing to be very irritating, though for different reasons.


I personally don't think political correctness works, since I'm technically a member of a minority (though i never got given the badge :thumbsup: ), I find it rather patronizing. People know what's offensive.


That, and I don't think the left goes far enough in England. Fight global warming? Why not force laws on recycling and make the corporations cut down on waste. But Labour doesn't have a backbone, and the Liberal Democrats have lost their integrity.


I find the religious right to be incredibly irritating, mainly because they are so vocal. Particularly the passive agressive Christian right, Daily Mail readers. Makes you long for the Rapture. Take 'em away and leave the rest of us to run the country properly.


I'll stop now. Apologies for the political ramble ;)

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But in Torchwood, it's so overrepresented that it is basically an excellent representation of what is FAR more common, in my view, than the "repressed state where the Christian right imposes its flawed beliefs and smug superiority onto every issue of life, thanks"... I actually -very rarely- see this in day to day life, at least compared to how often I see the "overtly in-your-face sexuality where the secular left imposes its flawed beliefs and smug superiority onto every issue of life, thanks".

Well, IMO, beliefs can't be truely "imposed". You can choose to watch, to listen, to read, to think..etc. (Free will)


In all my life, I've never watched a TV show that attempted to indoctrinate me into the Christian religion as that show attempts to indoctrinate homosexuality. Or at least the ones that do are up front about it.

"indoctrinate", you're kidding I hope. I find the idea that you can "indoctrinate" homsexuality as ridiculous. The only time anything close to indoctrination can occur is if you deny people access to various ways of thought, expression or education.


Seriously, I find the secular left's lack of self awareness in being completely unable to sense the "smug superiority" they themselves carry about to be pretty comical ;) At least the few truly obnoxious Christians I've known -know- they're being smug and superior. Many secular lefties are completely unaware of the self-righteousness they often display, and therefore they really have no clue when to stop.

Hey, I'm left and I'm proud...and smug and superior(Because I am!). :thumbsup:

...and incidentally, cause it really does need to be said,

It doesn't actually need to be said, however I respect that you feel a need to say it.


that poor nations should prefer to starve rather than eat GM foods,

I feel a need to touch this one. I find it hilarious that people still believe that old chestnut. The chemical companies must still be laughing about how they have successfully sidetracked the GM argument with that load of silly stuff. "Yes, we want to get filthy rich,..ahem.., I mean cure world hunger."


As to Torchwood, I enjoyed about the first half of the first season and then I felt annoyed with how it began to turn into a soap opera. Also, IMO, the writing is just not good enough to keep me as a viewer for any more seasons.

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I laughed when they blurred Crazy Frog's "private bit" out. I mean, COME ON! We all know what breasts and male genetalia look like. :thumbsup:


Yeah, but, recently (me having grown from naive child to slightly-less-naive teenager) is seeing the amount of "adult" slang that is slowly filtering down to the younger generation.


The animation of Crazy Frog might have started as a joke aimed at adults/teenagers but more and more childeren were using it as a ring-tone.


You can still laugh though.



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When I started this thread, I did so for two reasons.


First, I stated my own opinion of the series based on what I have found to be good story telling.


Second, I wanted to set a caution on those thinking about viewing it and expecting it to be as viewer friendly as Doctor Who, from which it was spun off.


This thread was not intended to be an attack on one political or religious viewpoint or other. I hope my comments that I added later made that clear. Good story telling does not require "in-your-face" sex, language or violence, which was my greatest disappointment with the series. What would have been excellent stories otherwise (I agree the new setting lends itself to better interpersonal story lines than Doctor Who does) were brought down as a result.


Someone earlier in this thread said that Torchwood was more realistic than Doctor Who. I do not watch TV or movies for "realistic." Thirteen years in the military and seeing other nations around the world has given me more than enough realism, thank you. I seek a good story that I can relate to, but with a certain amount of cushioning to distance itself from the real world.


I said nothing about religious objections in my comments. I, I hope, kept them on the subject of topic and its subject matter. My objections were not based on religious beliefs, rather on story telling weakness and the disparate content as related to Doctor Who from which it spun off and continues to be tied to.


If you wish to post on this thread, please keep it on topic, on the Torchwood series, not on attacking someone else's viewpoint or political/social ideology.

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