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What can I say BevH, but I really want to see more :groucho:


But the scary thing is, in some cosmic way, that does make sense on how Minsc acquired Boo.


Why do I get the feeling Dynaheir won't allow him to go shopping alone next time?


And I must commend you on remembering that name of that scandalous merchant Borda from BG I.

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Thank you all for the kind words. I'm having a lot of fun with this and I'm hoping to have the next part up soon. It's turning out to be longer than I expected, but then we're dealing with Minsc here. :groucho:

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Wow...what else can I say?


You have captured the quintessential Edwin as the giant, and the same with Viconia as his wife.


Heh, I mean, escaping the giant's killing by being put into Viconia's amusement pit...well that was great.


And Edwin having a constant headache...I felt sorry for Viconia :)


*grins* And I guess it is safe to say that Minsc is safe from the song of sirens ;-)


Definitely makes a different "What we were doing before meeting you MainChar..."

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