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Installation order for a 1st time SCS'er!


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I'm looking forward to trying this mod out. Here is my proposed installation order. Please correct me on anything before I start b/c I hate bugs!


SoA, ToB, ToB patch


DeArnise Romance

Banter Pack

Level 1 NPC

Tweak Pack



Also, if there are any really good mods I should add in, now is the time to LMK about them!



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Well, some components of SCSII need to keep track of every item in the game (Take items from party in spellhold, ect.), so TweakPack can be installed last if no items were introduced or modified.



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Read the readme. That was the only one I could think of off the top of my head. Really, going and checking out information for a mod I am not even playing with for someone who isn't even a registered forum member is a little absurd.


If I actually know the answer, I will tell it to everyone that asks, but researching it unless I am curious sounds like I am doing the work for you.


Sorry if this is an honest question, but I don't know the answer. Perhaps you should ask The_Bigg. ( :) )



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I find the idea that I expect you to find out for me absurd.
Why, because it wouldn't help him at all, in his own game so he knows it better and be able to spread the knowlege more? Well, I doubt that, but of course you are welcommed to do it yourself too. But obviously the best solution is that if somebody knows what's up, does the talking, and burns the Imp away. :)
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