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Typo Thread


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When reporting a gramar glitch, please make sure to specify:


-who initiated the banter and whom s/he bantered with

- quote the full line (if you can find line # in D file - even better!)

- make sure to flag if you tripped on:

a) wrong English

b) wrong English as part of NPC characterization

c) correct English, but you think it's better to say...

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Finally taking the time to play Tutu, NPC Project, Mur'Neth, Tweaks, and Indira. Hooray! :)


Anyhoo, came across this typo/grammar error just now.


Imoen's question to CHARNAME should probably read:


"So, Sidara, how ya doing?"


"So, Sidara... how ya doing?"

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Next one...


This was a dialog between Imoen and Kivan.


First, "kindda" should only have one "d."

Also, I think "feeling" should be plural, "feelings."

"There're" should be "there's."

Finally, I'd suggest Imoen says "ya" or "you" instead of "ye." There's nothing wrong with the word "ye" in the game, but, if Imoen's using terms such as "like forever" I don't think she'd be using archaic terms like "ye." :)

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Actually, "homely" in the sense of "unaffectedly natural: simple" is probably the word Imoen would use. The word began to mean "ugly" only because erudite folk came to regard grimy, malnourished peasants as visually unappealing.

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