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Ascension issue


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In short; Ascension changes the Magical Sword creature summoned by Mordenkainen's Sword so it is vulnerable to Hold Person (and it's got crummy saves too). I don't know if it's done inadvertently or not, but in vanilla BG2 it's unaffected by Hold Person. Same thing if you install fixpack. If you install Ascension, they are suddenly vulnerable. If you install Ascension before fixpack, they are unaffected by Hold Person.


I notice that Ascension merely copies files from the ascension folder into the override folder, overwriting any files of the same name that are already in the override folder. My attempt to stop Ascension from copying over the sword01.cre (which I presume is the relevant file) didn't yield anything.


Would it cause problems if Ascension was installed first (before fixpack) or is there someone who knows how to stop Ascension from screwing with the Magical Sword creature?

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Ascension overwrites certain things because it's an older mod created before patching became the norm. The best way that I can think of to prevent the overwrite is to open the tp2 file in Crimson or ConTEXT or Notepad and delete the line(s) that copies the sword creature to the override folder. Or, if that particular file is patched, delete the code that patches the item.




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Hmm, looking in the tp2 file, it looks like Ascension copies the contents of a whole directory into the override folder.


// Creatures 
// None of these have names that are new in Ascension, so most can
// all be copied directly. 
// However, four creatures want the name Babau. 
COPY ~ascension/cre/copy~		 ~override~
COPY ~ascension/cre/finbabau.cre~ ~override/finbabau.cre~
 SAY NAME1 @500 SAY NAME2 @500


Would it be alright to simply delete the sword01.cre file from the copy folder? Or would the executable stall? (I don't see why it should, but I can't code my way out of a paper bag)

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Guest Guest
In short...Would it cause problems if Ascension was installed first (before fixpack)
No, it wouldn't. This is the preferred method until a new Asc version is created.


Really? It used to be recommended to install Ascension AFTER the Fixpack. Maybe it's changed, tho. Don't know.

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