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exporting BAMs


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In theory you could do it with WeiDU. The problem is most BAMs have multiple frames and sequences, so you'd have to know exactly which one you want.


DLTCEP and BAM Workshop can both export individual BAM frames and sequences.

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it'd be easier to write a new utility than to do it with weidu, I think.
I guess if you're familiar with a programming language and graphics formats, then yeah. I used some WeiDU pseudo-code to get some proprietary (not even IE) graphics into BMPs (at which point it's easy to convert to GIFs, etc.), so it could be done for BAMs. Would be pretty useful too, though I don't think I'll have time to code it anytime soon.
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dltcep can export bam frames to several bmp files.

It can also reimport them after tampering with the bmps.

Uh, well, it isn't command line, so you cannot use it for mass export, sorry


But, if you can compile C, the source code is available :crazyeyes:

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