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Which outer plane?


Which plane would you prefer?  

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Why do you say "Neutral Good Evil" for Carceri, though.  It's a neutral evil "prison plane."

I mean neutral chaotic evil. IIRC Carceri is halfway between the plane of Hades/Gray Wastes and the Abyss.


Then again, I always confuse Carceri and Gehanna.


Regarding good planes (except Ysagrad and the Beastlands), it is very hard to write a decent and intriguing story about them, especially Elysium due to the fact that they have few things trouble them. On the contrary, I believe Neutral Planes as well as the outlands, and of course, Sigil, make the best story (except Arcadia and Mechanus), since there is no real dominating goodness/evilness in there. Evil planes, no matter how dominating their evilness is, still make better stories than good planes due to the fact that there is always some profit you can get there. If you are good, you might free someone/something from the evil plane and hand that someone/something to their home plane. If you are evil, you might try to go after hidden powers/sorcery the fiends hoard to themselves.


I remember in PS:T, you visit one of the lower planes very briefly. Whether it's Carceri or Baator, I don't recall correctly.



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