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Angelo review posted

Cal Jones

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Just a note: if you like, you can install Xan's original BG1 soundset and play Angelo with SisterV's voice AND Xan with BG1 voice, if you'd like.


I shall look through the crossmod Angelo-Xan banters and report to Crossmod Banter Pack - if there's a problem, we'll fix it together. Thank you for the report!

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I shall look through the crossmod Angelo-Xan banters and report to Crossmod Banter Pack - if there's a problem, we'll fix it together. Thank you for the report!

Oh, sorry for the strange "bug report". It is of course a problem in Crossmod Banter Pack. This one is the second dialogue between them (in SoA). Moreover the third one seems to be only for female charnames, so I didn't miss it. :p


Btw I though, that Xan is the second best among BG2 npc mods (after Angelo). ;) Although I never liked him in BG1 (without NPC project), he was really decent doomed NPC in BG2.

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Thanks, Jab! ;)


I should say, an additional explanation the mod offers for Angelo's BGI behavior is that he was drugged off his skull for most of it. I can't pretend it's a 100% faithful importation even so. When I made the mod, I hadn't played BGI in ages; and on playing it recently, I believe the old Angelo actually had a really thick Italian accent. Which I might have tried to emulate if I had remembered!


I had Angelo in my (mostly neutral) party in SoA and he was a fine guy. Not annoying, more-or-less a typical mercenary who always knows who is his boss (/chief).

I feel, that many modders have problems to make a normal NPC mod. Often you get a NPC, that knows half of the secrets of the game-plot and your Charname is just serving in their story. Which is I think horrible, though I know, that this is just a problem of an author being in love with his/her mod (which must be therefore all-important).

However Angelo didn't have that problem. Instead of having his own "powerful" story, he was just part of the original plot of the Charname/Bhaalspawn.

I can't say, that he is the best NPC mod ever or something similar (though he is probably the best among BG2 npc mods which I know). I can't say that I will always play with him. But I will always have him in mind, when I will think of my future party.


Few problems:


Voice - I had both him and Xan in the party. Which is of course a little bit confusing. I think, that the voice suits Xan better (and the voice acting is better in Xan mod as well). And well... I still prefer original voices of BG1/2 npcs. Probably with the exception of Keto (her voice was well done).


Dialogue with Xan - I think it was about the moonblade and it was repeating over and over again (every 30 minutes or so). That was a little bit annoying.


BG1 character - Personality of BG2 Angelo doesn't fit his predecessor. In BG1 he was a real villain (he could even execute one of your NPCs). In BG2 he is following orders without his own evil intentions (though he is no saint of course).

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