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Lilarcor dialogue bug

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Hey there. I had Kivan with me in TuTu so I decided to take him with me in this mega-mod install BG2 run. I have difficulty enhancing mods, namely SCS II and tactics and the like, a few quests mods (dungeon crawl, ToD). I have G3 fix pack installed.


I think you have done a great job, though Kivan seems a little talkative, his interjections and comments are really in character and he is a very useful addition to my party, being archer he has the best ranged THAC0 and damage in the game, especially now with true grand mastery in longbows. He has a good percent of kills in my game and he is doing great.


I had him equip Lilarcor in his quick weapon slots, for those moments when a smart mage casted confusion or chaos on us.


Later, I noiced he has been silent for a while and I initiated dialogue with Kivan, he instead started talking with Lilarcor. A funny dialogue. But I am sure this was not supposed to initiate when I clicked on him to talk.


I instantly clicked 'talk' on him again and he started another dialogue with Lilarcor. However this time it ended abruptly with the dreadful 'no valid replies or links' answer and the dialogue ended.


Frustrated and a little worried, I again initiated talk with my favourite elven archer and this time, thankfully, usual chit-chat options appeared. I was afraid of Lilarcor causing more bugs so I removed it from Kivan's inventory.


There was no other such bus so far, Kivan normally talked with all the NPCs in my party and used right comments on all situations. I was disturbed with Lilarcor bu though. Do you have any idea why this can happen, and any possible harmful outcomes to my game? Or what can be done?


Thanks all in advance. Please keep making such wonderful mods for our all time favourite RPG.

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Lilacor's dialogues probably just take precedence over the PID's on the talk pile, so uneqipping Lilacor should resolve this problem. The no valid replies is not all that dreadful, I am pretty much sure what's wrong there and it fixeable by 5 keystrokes. :D


I am putting both bugs on the 'to fix' log, and thank you so much for reporting these two issues!


Nope, not modding for BG2 anymore, sorry! Completely moved to the greener pastures of NWN2.

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He only talks to the sword if he carries it, and Lilacor initiates the dialogues. In the beginning Kivan had very few dialogues, but I was heavily and mercilessly critisized for not having enough content, despite it being comparable to a Bio's original NPC. Hence I added the # of content that was considered modicum for a modded NPC in 2005-2006, similar to Kelsey's. But he is still far quieter than say Xan. There is nothing wrong of course for not liking it. Cheers.

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