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  1. By using the weapon changes notepad file in the mod's library, is it possible to change weapon type's base damage? I want to do some radical changes so that bladed weapons are far more lethal in-game. It never makes sense to me that a dagger does a mere 1d4 damage while a club does 1d6. I would prefer to be beaten by a club, rather then stabbed by a dagger in real life. (Unless club hits my skull, which is like a critical hit anyway) I want to make these changes: Dagger- 1d8 Shortsword-1d12 Scimitar-1d12, but %5 better critical hit rate Longsword/axe- 2d8 Ba
  2. Open up rndscrl.2da with dltcep, and change all lines to 001 so random scroll drops will all be 1 gold instead Irenicus dungeon has placed scrolls, though it makes sense as it is the home of a powerful mage.
  3. Heya, I just got an idea for the Flesh to Stone spell. When the spell is cast, this powerful curse starts to turn the victim into stone slowly, starting from his feet and going up. The victim is immobilised (an entangle effect without that yellow wine-animation) without a save (since his feet are petrified and stucked to the ground) and starts to slowly convert into stone. It takes an entire round for the spell to go up and reach the victim's heart and kill him, turning it to stone completely. During this round, the victim must make a save vs spells (at -4 penalty, or whatever is appro
  4. All of my gibberlings survived the battle, (I played darn good after the tenth reload)and they instantly got disintegrated when the last enemy mage fell. So I guess no dialogue or consequences.
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