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  1. Open up rndscrl.2da with dltcep, and change all lines to 001 so random scroll drops will all be 1 gold instead Irenicus dungeon has placed scrolls, though it makes sense as it is the home of a powerful mage.
  2. You have to have new BAM files for the item's inventory picture. In bg games they start with I. For example ILEAT01 is for leather armor, IIRC. There is the improved bams mod that has all the bg2 item bam files. You can use them in bg1 or iwd1, for example. Bg2 item bams are a bit different than bg1 and iwd1. Simply dropping the isomething.bam files into override folder allows you to use the desired new icon picture for the corresponding item. Dltcep or nearinfinity lets you check each and every item and note its bam file name. Iwd2 is hugely different, with a more photo-realistic approach to item bams. I took the Isomething.bam files from iwd2 and renamed them to bg2 format, a very time consuming process, because iwd2 uses different item bam names, and put it into my bg2 game. Even into bg2:ee and ipad, they work. It was cool for a day or two but then I deleted the bam files and reverted to original bg2 bams thanks to improved bams mod. Original bg2 bams have a charm to them in my eyes, reminds me of the good old times I fell in love with bg2.
  3. Hi there. On enhanced editions, what is the .bam file that corresponds to the background image of a slot in a container? Err, that is a bit difficult to understand. Let me explain more. When you click on a table, chest, drawer or pile on the ground etc. You see items on/in it. But also the items rest in a background, I want to know the name of the file for that background image, for personal mod uses. I know the guiwdbut.bam and some other bams, all of the stoneslot bams, etc. But I can't seem to find THIS particular bam. I am editting all of the inventory background images but this one eludes me. I am asking about THIS background color .bam file as shown in the screenshot attached. I just need its name. If anyone more knowledgable is kind enough to inform me, I would be grateful.
  4. I might just change the duration of the cursed wound to 8 hours. This way it is a very vad debuff in the battle, that you can not heal, but after the battle one rest and it will be gone without hassle.
  5. Kill the npc and raise him as normal. Obviously won't work if the pc is the one afflicted. Or equip a cursed item with the wounded npc and then go to the temple to be able to choose remove curse from the price list. This will work on the pc.
  6. I don't think Shadow dragon's ranged level drain is a bug, it is his breath weapon attack that does the level drain, as is clearly seen from Jaheira's save vs breath weapon lines. So it is a ranged attack allright, it always has been in the vanilla game. There is no animation for this breath weapon, only for the fraction of a second there is a ghastly floruscent green breathing effect from the Shadow dragon, and it just drains too many levels, it is just that powerful. (it also blinds) However IIRC shadow dragon level drains are temporary and go away after a turn. (Unlike any other level drain) Were you using a poisoned weapon or ability when giving the killing blow to those 'dead but still going' enemies? IIRC there was a bug with Tobex that caused enemies not to die properly if you give the finishing blow with a hit that would cause ongoing poison damage.
  7. Okay new version (v27) installed without problems. Thank you!
  8. Hello, congratulations on the new version, now that BG2:EE is out I tried to install SCS v26 on it. I remember reading that they 'Might' be compatible. All components install well but it stops in 'Smarter general AI' installation with an error while patching Akae creature file. It says 'Patching failed! AKAE.CRE out of bounds!' or something like that. Needless to say without AI enhancements, potions, smarter mages/priests etc. won't be installed. Is Akae.cre somewhat broken in my installation, is there something that can be done?
  9. I can answer number 3 from my personal experience. I tried upping the levels of enemy casters, it works up to lvl 6 spells, if a mage hits lvl 12 after adjustments. Scs limits the scripts up to lvl 6, and then mages only use a very limited selection (prot from magic weapons, globe of inv, chain lightning if not enchanter) You can up their lvls and give them lvl 8-9 spells manually but they don't use them, for it's beyond the scope of the scs mod. Enemies need advanced scs2 scripts to employ more powerful spells and HLAs.
  10. I was discovering the Firewine ruins, and my Shadowdancer was travelling from shadow to shadow, killing hordes of kobolds with flaming oil potions and occasional backstabs. When he was near the final corridor that leads to Lendarn and ogre magi, he was momentarily blocked by something invisible. I was surprised and wondered if Lendarn was spying there invisibly, and started detecting illusions. Accidentaly tapped on a corner (playing on Ipad) and the dialogue box said Wizard Eye-has nothing to say to you. There was an invisible enemy wizard eye there!! And sure enough, Lendarn came rushing a few seconds later and my guy had to hit the shadows quickly. I've never seen this behaviour, never even suspected enemy mages using Wizard eye before, this is SCS doing, right? If it is, I am impressed sir, that's some real artificial intelligence there!
  11. Okay, fair enough, thank you! I tried copying the high level scripts from SCS II from my BGT game, to BG:EE and asign casters those scripts with DLTCEP, but those scripts do not work with BG:EE or something, which is not surprising I guess. I was just experimenting. It is fun editing the game to my tastes. ^^
  12. A question for the new version and BG:EE, I use the scs.ini edit to raise the levels of mages in game, and as such some enemies end up with level 6 and 7 spell slots. SCS fills them up with appropriate spells like Flesh to Stone, Mordenkainen's sword etc. and asigns them correct scripts (DW#1CON7, for example) but in game they do not use the higher level spells at all, no mage casts lvl 6 and 7 spells when asigned with DW#1 scripts. From past experience I know with SCS II, enemies need to have appropriate DW#2 script to use spell levels higher than 5. But I have thought that this new version has merged SCS I and II so high lvl spells would work with DW#1 script. But apparently it is not so. Is this intended behaviour (no mage is supposed to cast lvl 6 and higher spells in Bg:EE) or is my installation buggy?
  13. Okay, did some testing and Wish spell is only broken in my current save game. If I start a new game and make a new save game, all enemies who use Wish use it correctly. Pert the Adept gets a Wish in my install and it works as it should, he was able to stop the time and gain improved alacrity. However, in my main game I fought Draconis human form, and he casted two wishes but none worked. He phrases his wish, but the djinni just stays there, untargetable, not moving, nothing happens. I CLUAconsoled Pert the Adept, he casted wish and same thing happened. Wish spells do not work here in my current save game, no matter which enemy casts it. I think there may be a global variable or some such went wrong in my current save game, though I have no idea how enemy wish spells work. They do work in other save games of the same installation, just not in my current save game, which is a huge bummer. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Well, yeah, in the end I play the game for fun. Having Imoen crushed into tiny chunks just after having her rescued from the asylum is not fun. (although it would make an added challenge, and a realistic approach, but I do not feel guilty reloading.) I enjoy high quality, smart scripting of my enemies and added challenge, and how I try to outsmart them and manage to win in the end. Oh I think that was not 'attack nearest enemy of mine' script there, the elementals went around summons and other NPCs to go and crush poor Immy, who was at the back of the party. Her stoneskins were spent fast by earthquake or other attacks and she was dead quickly before I could cast an invisiblity spell on her, no suprise as those elder elementals do an obscene amount of 40+ dmg per hit. And maybe, even then the elder elementals might just see through invisiblity I am not sure. (The fact that she did not have a melee weapon equipped for an extra +4 damage per hit was just icing on the cake. Heh. Nasty stuff!) Umm, I guess so too, anyway, any pointers on my original problem? I battled the Watcher's keep lvl 1 statues, and sure enough, one female wizardess (ugh I am not sure if there is such a word in English language) casted Wish and wished for time to become his servant. Nothing happened. Djinni stood there too until he got unsummoned later. I can pretend she just failed her WIS check. Happens to the best of us. Still a fun battle, though. I might be tempted to add 4-5 comet spells to those enemies via SK, I bet their scripts are smart enough to cast them, and a comet spell hurts bad. It is even more dangerous than Dragon Breath. My party can escape the area effect of Dragon Breath quickly. Comet, not quite so.
  15. Wonderful mod, and finally after months of time I had time to delve into game and now happily in Drow city. I have a extremely modded game and I have modified my game myself even further. (ie:edited some spells, items myself with DLTCEP, raised enemy mage/cleric levels and gave them bonus spells etc.) I have one problem up now, Pert the Adept, the Cowled wizard agent in Spellhold island was high enough lvl to cast a wish spell for the first time in my game. The genie appeared and the wizard wished for 'time to become his servant' and I gasped in horror. But nothing happened. The genie stood there and never granted the wish. I killed the wizard and genie was still there, but had no circle under his feet (or so to speak) thus was untargetable, but my characters auto-attacked it with scripts and killed it too. I think one script of the enemy genie is broken or something, I remember my genie/efreets had wrong scripts assigned in my game (they did not use their spells) so I had to correct them myself. Mayhap I accidentally assigned a wrong script to the wish genie. I've yet to use this spell myself (and never been a huge fan of it, prefer improved hasted Planetars cutting through imroved drow hordes now) so I don't know if it's also bugged for friendly castings. A quick solution to fix the script is welcome. I know how to asign scripts to certain enemies with DLTCEP and hopefully can fix this bug if only I know how. On a completely unrelated note, those earth elementals in Underdark gate were wicked! I am not sure if it is SCS or aTweaks mod, or the combination of both, but there were a lot of Greater and Elder elementals and they all casted earthquakes here and there and went directly for the uncouncious party members, (which I think is aTweaks script, for SCS does not target helpless targets, lol) quickly squashing them flat for a chunky death. (I do not have the component that prevents perma-death, for added challenge) that was really difficult and required a few reloads, especially I was unlucky to attract a horde of Greater Fire elementals to join the fray. Elemental nightmare! Heh, good times.
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