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Well, that's what I'm here for, after all :)


And more!


Issue 037




obviously that "Coran:" shouldnt have been in his dialog line


Issue 038




Just checking up if you really meant that. To look AFTER someone is something quite different from looking AT someone. Both make sense in this case, so it's not really an issue. However, I think, you meant the other one.


Issue 039




"prob." strikes me as a bit un-fitting. No idea why, but it sounds too 'modern' for an AD&D based game. Might just be me, but I think it'd make for a better style if replaced.


Issue 040




Same as the other Minsc issues, I do not have Minsc in my party and Coran does not know him. The line is pretty good (dont kill it!), but should either only get used if Minsc is in party, or Dynaheir has talked about Minsc's liking towards hamsters before.


Issue 041




This option should obviously be restricted to out-doors, and night time. I got this on a bright sunny day, when the sun was shining all round. It's one of the flirt options IIRC.


Issue 042




This was fun. Once I had done Coran's quest with the wyverns he talked that bit to me. Obiviously he should talk about "getting to meet me" (nor should I have those replies) when I'm already having him in party for QUITE a while and am actively romancing him. You'll have to restrict this to the case that you *really* don't know Coran much yet, and use alternate lines if he's already bantered a lot, or is in romance.



Side Note:


I wuv Coran's flirt music :cool:

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One more Issue. I noticed I can force talk Kivan. The first time I do so i'll get his "impatient line" (need to go do something bout the bandits!), second time I do so I get his leaving line (meh, if you dont want...).


I can do this, no matter if I've done the bandit quest or not. You can probably try with my savegame - he should be leaving if you talk to him, even though I (obviously) finished the quest.

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And that has nothing to do with us, but with the "sloppy" coding Bioware did on BG1. It did not matter in vanilla BG1, I suppose, but after all the different dialogue files become "alive" in TUTU, BioWARE's not putting GLOBAL triggers in BG1 (or using True() !!! as dialogue condition) but driving all dialogues by state weights and duplicating the dialogues in both J and join-in files now showing up as straw from ripped appart matress. I think we will be able to remedie it by adding small, repetitive Player-Initiated dialogues for all NPCs (so called "Charmed" project) in Phase II. Untill then, please, do not click-talk NPCs, appart from Coran. :)

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Cool - PS:T like NPC force talk is planned?  :cool:


I have to say -- This sounds better and better  :)

Not just planned - written, edited and waits in line for coding. They are very small so far, but infinetly better than "NPC has nothing to say to you".

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More :(


Issue 043




Imoen-Dynaheir banter: I am somewhat puzzled what Dynaheir should be busy with? We are just hanging around in the tavern. You should probably rephrase Dynaheirs line to make it a bit more generally fitting -- it's a party after all and not everyone is busy with his own stuff.


Issue 044




restrict this to day-time. It was black night when it appeared. Also, it should only appear if it is indeed raining. If you don't want to run the risk that there won't be any rain in reach of the PC, how about 'forcing' some rain? :p


Issue 045




Typoes. "kindda" "there're"


Die Drizzt, Die!




Issue 046




As with some of the other Dynaheir issues, this should maybe have a slight variation for the case when you havent got Minsc with you.


Issue 047




Either use some other way to show Dynaheir is not listening to Imoen, or have her move away from Imoen. They were standing there absolutely unmoved, so this was a bit weird.

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43) It's a joke that attempts to convey that no, Dynaheir is not busy but is trying to avoid talking to Imoen. If it is not a joke she can be for example reading a scroll sitting on her pack.

44) tried, but there is some problem with IDS WEATHER.

46) Not necessarily since it is established that Minsc and Dynaheir did travel from Rashemen to Sword Coast together. The fact that party does not have Minsc should not prohibit Dynaheir to talk about him.

47) Sorry, but no.

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And BG life goes on. Played quite a bit, dozens of banters / dialogs later, and only a handful of issues; now if that isn't proof of quality, nothing is :cry:


Issue 048




Quite a bad one. If you can't notice it right away, it's answer number four, which is problematic. At the time that chat took place, I still do NOT know I'm a bhaal-child. Some check will be needed here, unless you apply prophetic attributes to the protagonist. I also feel a bit limited in choices in Coran's "romance ending" dialog. Ah well, I decided to keep him in the end - miss the flirts and extra interaction though.


Issue 049




Once again, a slightly altered line for a Thief/Mage Imoen should be included, which is pretty easy and very suitable here.


Issue 050




banter itself is perfect, but the time is wrong. This would be an ideal candidate for "banter-on-rest", as it would make most sense that way. For me, it appeared right before slaying Daveaorn, which is an unlikely time to read letters :D


Issue 051




I think you don't need to be an expert to see the problem here. Force the PC to talk those options! (it's hilarious, Kivan mentioning he's Kivan's friend, yay)


About Imanel Silversword in general: Name could be better, also the appearance seems a bit "random"... Where's that evil elf suddenly come from (not a Drow, mind you!) o.O


Issue 052




(rawr, multi-lingual version of BG2 strikes again... lol - been playing away from home (thus on a non-english version))


About the dialog itself: Change. Her. Battle. Cry (see above). Please.

I really, really dislike it ("AAA, kill her! BBB forward!!! CCC attack!!!!!!! DDD finish her off!!!!!!1111oenoneone"). You don't have to list every single one of 'er little pets :D:D


Also a general problem I noticed with her, she seems to have a problem with actually attacking my party. She switches to hostile, walks towards my party but just keeps standing there (and doesnt attack). The wolves attack normally.


Issue 053




I really like this. That's why my request would be the following (it'd be very cool :D ):


Why not include that thingy as a real item? Give it some protective abilities (nothing major), and make it "non-magical", i.e. combineable with say, rings of protection or magical armour. It also allows you to check if you REALLY wear it (for a while), if you sell it, or dump it. According to that, you could modify Imoen's reaction (she certainly wont be happy if you just dump/sell it right away) :D


It'd be cool, and add a lot of depth to that certain event. :D

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048 - thank you for reporting this one - we do have the variable, just missed check on this particular option.


049 - and I still refuse to do checks for mage-Imoen :D


050 - well, he is not reading, he is sorting as they for example stopped for a moment to check their readdiness for the battle... so it does not have to be at rest.


051 - well, yes. that's a drawback of me thinking once that it would be so great if Imanel addressed herself to Kivan. Will alter that.


Name is an inside joke :D Appearance is not random - she waits for you at the only entry point to the City of Baldur's Gate, knowing that it is your destination. I do not think that German is somehow our fault :cry:


Yes, I know about her sucking attacking pattern and there is a prize to anyone who'd point out what the hell is wrong with her.


I suggest that you open her D file, alter her text to suit your taste and recompile if the particular line irritates you.


053: It is NOT? Please, check your inventory. It SHOULD be in Imoen's purse. I guess we should put it into Player1's instead, but the item should show up... it did in my testing, I swear.

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I also feel a bit limited in choices in Coran's "romance ending" dialog. Ah well, I decided to keep him in the end - miss the flirts and extra interaction though.


What do you mean about limited? From the passage you have quoted iirc it seems to me that you have slipped into the "CG bored" path of the romance, ie Coran did not get hooked - his romance *is* the game of seduction after all; if you have stayed with the main branch, you'd have seen the further development and the additional branches which occur after solving Coran's quest in BG.

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049 - and I still refuse to do checks for mage-Imoen  :D


050 - well, he is not reading, he is sorting as they for example stopped for a moment to check their readdiness for the battle... so it does not have to be at rest.


053: It is NOT? Please, check your inventory. It SHOULD be in Imoen's purse. I guess we should put it into Player1's instead, but the item should show up... it did in my testing, I swear.

049 - why?


050 - IMHO it still would be more logical :D


I do not think that German is somehow our fault  :cry: 


It isn't; as I said, was playing on someone else's BG install :D


053 - ahh, <---- blind. I checked *my* inventory and since Imoen's carrying so much stuff I didn't notice it lying there all the time. But yep, would be preferrable to give it to the PC along with the green "*You have gained an item*" line displayed :D Sorry for the confusion.

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049 - why?


Main reason - just lazy for now;


Imoen has so many things going for her in 2 BG games that I sort of feel its unfair to give her too many "icing" while other NPCs deserve to be highlighted and fleshed out more. Imoen already has those endless huge talks at every turn of the game. After all Yoshimo can be dual classed to fighter in BG2, yet I do not recall any special provisions dialogue-wise for that. Also according to BG2 she was not dual-classed to mage untill after BG1 events - makes sense, since she hardly have time to study magic during the crazy time of BG1.


{JOKE!!!} While I do think that everyone should chose teammateds for him/herself, I would dearly like to see more people playing BG at least once *without* Imoen. It's a liberating experience :cry: {/JOKE!!!}


But main reason is still that I am somewhat lazy and want to get Phase II moved forward and write Dynaheir's Romance instead of tweaking Imoen. Unfortunately I still have only 24 hours a day, about 11 of which are wasted at the day job, which I unfortunatly have to keep since I am the only person employed in my immediate family. If Jinnai writes alternative texts, than I guess I won't have any excuses.

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