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Here are a few good words from Quenya (Tolkien Elvish)


algar - glorious, magnificent

aina - holyness

alqua - swan

amarth - destiny

anca - jaws

anga - steel

ana - gift

arien - sunlight

beleg - mighty

calen - green

caran - red

celeb - silver

cu - bow

cuive - awakening

dae/gwath - shadow

dagor - battle

del - horror

din - quiet

draug - wolf

du/dur(fuin) - darkness/dark

ear- sea

eithel - source, spring

el/elen/gil - star

fea - spirit

glin - gleam (in the eye)

gond - rock

gor - horrendus

guruth - death

him/ring - cold

hith - mist

ia - chasm

laure/mal - gold

lhach - growing/jumping flame

los - snow

mel - love

menel - heavens

men - path

mir - jewel

nar - fire

nim - white

ras - horn

ril/tin - intense shine, sparkle

ruin - red flame

ruth - wrath

sereg - blood

sil - shine (white or silvery)

sul - wind

tar - large

taur - forest/grove

thalion - fearless

thol - helmet

thoron - eagle

til - tip, peak, horn

ur - heat

val - might, power

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They're nice words, but they can't really have Tolkien stuff in the Forgotten Realms setting can they? If what you are getting at is something like calling a weapon "Sword of Guruth" then it could have some sort of double meaning, as in you invent some previous wielder named Guruth that was strongly associated with the death of people/things, then yeah. Some of those words might be good names for NPCs too.

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Actually it is still Quenya in FR, iirc, at least judging from small bits and pieces you see in FR books. F.ex: Quessir is quenya (from speach, compare to Quenta Silmarillion, Quenya), mellon, elenea etc. Even some names are borrowed from Tolkien (f.ex Elbereth in Salvatore's C. Quintet)

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