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Troll shaman unkillable

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The troll shamanees, Nilithri (first assignment of druid stronghold, forgive any mistypo) was unkillable in my game. She had SCS II cleric script, as she casted sanctuary and then heal when badly wounded, something she never did before.


However I think this interrupted her regular script, IIRC, she was supposed to burst open to reveal a horde of eeeevil rats before dying. Now she just does not die, always linger at near death, does not even collapse like a regular troll. I gave her space o give her time to work her script (my party does not bash her all the time when she has had enough in near death, I know how scripts of unkillable characters work) but she just does not give up!


Any solutions?

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At PPG foras there's a fix, if you can't find it PM me (Shaitan) your mailadress and I'll send it sometime tomorrow.




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