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Anyone watch the opening ceremony? It was awesome! I want that LCD screen.


My favorite part is when all the countries were presented. The channel I was watching it on did a good job of showing where the country was on the globe, for all us non geography experts.


Austria made me crack up though. They were doing the coolest little march/dance thing and rather than just waving at the camera, they actually looked like they were having a blast. I was a little disappointed in the outfits the Americans were wearing (blah) but the African countries overall had the nicest clothes.

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Watched it live from Beijing (haha, there is some kind of upside to being on this side of the planet!). In a word, it was an extravaganza. The coordination of all the performers was enormously impressive, such as when they spiralled into the centre of the arena to form a flying dove.

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The synchronised drumming you see in Japan and China is seriously impressive stuff, but the sheer scale of what they did there is crazy. When they put up the performers atop the poles with the curtains hanging from them like columns, I thought they'd actually gone to the trouble of building real clumns like that into the stadium. I had to look pretty closely to see they were cloth.

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