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Bug? I don't know....

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I ran across this when working on my own npc mod. My npc has a deal to make with Quataris in the Promenade and so does Kivan. So while I was looking to see what variables I needed to have states added in case Kivan has been installed, I saw that the interaction regarding Kivan's ring quest was installed twice. At first, I thought maybe I had somehow screwed up my game (again). But I looked at the tp2 for Kivan. There were two entries to compile the P#KIRING.D file. One under compile SOA files and the other under the Lover's Ring quest.

I don't know for sure if my version is the same as the one available for download. I have version 8 according to the readme file. The download portal has version 8.1. Is there a difference or are they the same? If they are the same, you may want to check into this. If they are different, perhaps you've already fixed it, but then again maybe you haven't....

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