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Branwen/Edwin banter about summoned beings


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I don't know if this is too nitpicky, but Branwen says "About your fondness for calling up all manner of fell and loathsome beasts to aid us in battle...I would prefer that you cease it. It belittles a warrior to fight beside such as mere gnolls and hobgoblins", when Edwin is still only lvl 2 and has not even *seen* a Scroll or Wand of Monster Summoning.

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BG1 NPC is in maintenance mode. Its maintainers may fix bugs and typos, but may not make alterations to content. I'm sorry if it isn't applicable to Edwin at his current level, but this might be one of those times when you have to just shrug and let it go.


Anyway, Branwen is a Moonshaes girl. She speaks in broad, expansive terms. Perhaps she only indulges in a little hyperbole.

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0x4095 LevelGT(O:Object*,I:Level*)

Returns true only if the experience level of the specified object is greater than the 2nd parameter.




OK, never used this with a dv instead of Player1 or LastTalkedToBy, etc, - let's see who else has.


Searching across all english-language currently available BG2 NPCs,

Searching for: LevelGT

ArienaV2.2\Ariena\D\MWBArn25.D(320): LevelGT("Nalia",19)

BGII - SoA\Kiara-Zaiya\Dialogs\KiaraJ.d(533): == KIARAJ IF ~LevelGT("Kiara",10) InParty("Kiara") !Dead("Kiara")~ THEN

BGII - SoA\Kiara-Zaiya\Ids\TRIGGER.IDS(145): 0x4095 LevelGT(O:Object*,I:Level*)

BTL\aD&L\Z#Kiyone.baf(457): IF LevelGT("Kiyone", 11)

Kiara-Zaiya\Dialogs\KiaraJ.d(533): == KIARAJ IF ~LevelGT("Kiara",10) InParty("Kiara") !Dead("Kiara")~ THEN

Kiara-Zaiya\Ids\TRIGGER.IDS(145): 0x4095 LevelGT(O:Object*,I:Level*)

KidoV7.0\Kido\scripts\MWDolf.baf(82): LevelGT("MWKido",13)

KidoV7.0\Kido\scripts\MWKidS25.baf(10): LevelGT(Myself,27)

KidoV7.0\Kido\scripts\MWKidSC.baf(32): LevelGT(Myself,27)

KidoV7.0\Kido\scripts\MWKidSC.baf(367): LevelGT("MWKido",12)

LongerRoad_v1.5.1\LR\dlg\LRGAR.D(92): IF ~!LevelGT(LastTalkedToBy,12)~ THEN DO ~TakePartyGold(10000)~ GOTO LRGAR9

LongerRoad_v1.5.1\LR\dlg\LRGAR.D(93): IF ~LevelGT(LastTalkedToBy,12)~ THEN DO ~TakePartyGold(10000) SetGlobal("AbaiaGarBuy","GLOBAL",1) CreateVisualEffectObject("SPPORTAL",Myself) DestroySelf()~ EXIT

LongerRoad_v1.5.1\LR\dlg\LRGAR.D(98): IF ~!LevelGT(LastTalkedToBy,12)~ THEN DO ~TakePartyGold(20000)~ GOTO LRGAR9

LongerRoad_v1.5.1\LR\dlg\LRGAR.D(99): IF ~LevelGT(LastTalkedToBy,12)~ THEN DO ~TakePartyGold(20000) SetGlobal("AbaiaGarBuy","GLOBAL",1) EscapeArea() Kill(Myself)~ EXIT

LuvNaliaWeidu106\LuvNalia\BAF\New\badbadog.BAF(106): !LevelGT(LastSeenBy(Myself),10)

LuvNaliaWeidu106\LuvNalia\BAF\New\badbadog.BAF(154): !LevelGT(LastSeenBy(Myself),10)

LuvNaliaWeidu106\LuvNalia\BAF\New\badbadog.BAF(169): !LevelGT(LastSeenBy(Myself),10)

Tiax\Scripts\O#Tia25S.baf(12): LevelGT(Myself,24)

TSv611\TS\baf\VPCutD02.baf(16): LevelGT(Protagonist,10)

TSv611\TS\baf\VPCutD02.baf(31): LevelGT(Protagonist,12)

TSv611\TS\bgtdlg\rC6LANF.D(9): IF ~LevelGT(Protagonist,9)

TSv611\TS\bgtdlg\rC6LANF.D(14): IF ~LevelGT(Protagonist,12)~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("CoranJob","GLOBAL",3)

TSv611\TS\bgtnodlg\rC6LANF.D(9): IF ~LevelGT(Protagonist,9)

TSv611\TS\bgtnodlg\rC6LANF.D(14): IF ~LevelGT(Protagonist,12)~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("CoranJob","GLOBAL",3)

Weimer-SolaufeinMod-v103\solarom\sola.baf(656): LevelGT(Player1,11)

Weimer-SolaufeinMod-v103\solarom\sola.baf(679): !LevelGT(Player1,11)

Weimer-SolaufeinMod-v103\solarom\ids\trigger.ids(145): 0x4095 LevelGT(O:Object*,I:Level*)

Weimer-Valen-v45\valen\ids\trigger.ids(145): 0x4095 LevelGT(O:Object*,I:Level*)

YikariV1.1\sdnpc\SCRIPTS\sdnpcfragment.baf(13): LevelGT(Player1,20)

zymisc2\Z#Misc\YoshiXP\4ar1512.baf(4): LevelGT("Imoen2",12)

zymisc2\Z#Misc\YoshiXP\4yosh.baf(31): LevelGT("Yoshimo",11)

Found 31 occurrence(s) in 21 file(s)


OK, so a few folks have successfully used a dv substitution on this particular command. Cool. Now, level.


My dusty old 2E PHB and DMG says that Monster Summoning I is a 3rd level spell, and that 5th L mages get 1 3rd level spell. So, the earliest Edwin can kick in with personal spellcasting is L5.


I guess the most conservative change would be to enable this on




and assume that by level 5, a smart player has discovered the Wand of Monster Summoning and used it a few times, and that perhaps Edwin has memorized it. I think that is about as far as we can go. It means that this banter will not play until a good chink of BG is done, as the darned game tops out relatively quickly.




E:\BG1NPC_Workspace\bg1npc-v17\bg1npc\tra\english\x#branw.tra(81): @80   = ~Very well, then... Edwin. About your fondness for calling up all manner of fell and loathsome beasts to aid us in battle... I would prefer that you cease it. It belittles a warrior to fight beside such as mere gnolls and hobgoblins.~


means look up x#branw.d, @80 -


CHAIN IF WEIGHT #-1 ~%BGT_VAR% CombatCounter(0) InParty("edwin") Global("P#Branwen_Edwin1","LOCALS",0) !See([ENEMY]) See("edwin") !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("edwin",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~%BRANWEN_BANTER%~ Edwin1Chain
@78 DO ~SetGlobal("P#Branwen_Edwin1","LOCALS",1)~
== ~%EDWIN_BANTER%~ @79
== ~%EDWIN_BANTER%~ @82
== ~%EDWIN_BANTER%~ @84


and repair it to


CHAIN IF WEIGHT #-1 ~%BGT_VAR% CombatCounter(0) InParty("edwin") Global("P#Branwen_Edwin1","LOCALS",0) !See([ENEMY]) See("edwin") !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("edwin",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) LevelGT("edwin",4)~ THEN ~%BRANWEN_BANTER%~ Edwin1Chain
@78 DO ~SetGlobal("P#Branwen_Edwin1","LOCALS",1)~
== ~%EDWIN_BANTER%~ @79
== ~%EDWIN_BANTER%~ @82
== ~%EDWIN_BANTER%~ @84



repaired, 11/25/2008, prerelease v17

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