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Hello all,


I'm kinda new to the world of Mods for Baldur's Gate 2 and was hoping to get some advice on what might be a good mod to use, which ones fix certain bugs etc.


One thing I was interested in that I heard about was a mod that lets your player character come into possession of the various class restricted rewards. Like the planar sphere or the D'Arnese Keep no matter what class your character is?


Does that exist or is that just a rumor floating about?

If anyone can give advice or suggestions it would be appreciated.



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For BG1;


EasyTuTu by Macready or BGT by Ascension64

BG1NPC Project by G3 :)

SCS, nice collection of mods and AI, currently going through a revision, by DavidW


For BG2;


BG2Fixpack, the definitive fixpack, standard for many installs, by G3

QuestPack and Unfinished Business for extra content.

SCSII for tactical mods, brings a surprising challenge to the game, by DavidW

BG2Tweaks :D


Good selection, and if you install in the order said, pretty stable as well. :party:



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For BG1;


EasyTuTu by Macready or BGT by Ascension64

Well, as they are engine converters, and they need the BG2 installs too... and the EasyTutu uses only the English language version of the games.


And for BGT, one needs to have the BGI+BGTotSC+the 5512 patch(unmoded), +BGII:SoA+BGII:ToB+the 26498 patch. The EasyTutu shouldn't need all those, though they are recommended but you can't continue playing the same game, as you need to export the char to move him from the Baldur's Gate to Athkatla(BGI or TotSC->BGII).

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