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Sarah is broken

Guest Guest_Smaug_*

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Guest Guest_Smaug_*

I had only a very few banters with Sarah and then - silence.


I even completed the Underdark by now and still - silence.


I play a female paladin (lawful good, of course) and have - on the FEW occasions Sarah talked to me early in the game - been nice to her. How can I repair this to get the remaning banters? (Or is too much unfinished since I'm already done with the Underdark?)


Vars I have (ones I think that are important):





two timers (pre and friend)


That's it, no SARAHROMANCEACTIVE or whatever.


This is frustrating, how can I fix this mess?

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Guest Guest_Smaug_*

Err, I think I didn't even get that far. I had the talk about her being ranger... and that's it (and I always have been nice).


Can anyone tell me what values I have to put into the global vars so it proceeds where it broke? The state the romance/relationship was in can be seen in the first post, no?

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"Only nice" is not enough, you need show "interest"(Sarah is a girl and PC too, so... ) I didn't remember all that talk, but it was a one of friendship path. I think you had it(looking on number friendship talks)

Try this :

SarahRomanceActive = 1

SarahTalkRomance = 1


Ahhh, you had "You're ticklish" talk? Or "Did you know your mother?"?(this one probably active romance path)

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Guest Guest_Smaug_*

I guess I had the "ticklish" talk. And with "I have been nice" I meant of course "I tried to get the romance and picked the most nice, conversational topics I could".


So far it seemed to go well...


The rep is as good as it could be at that stage... I'll just add those global vars and see what pops up...

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Guest Guest_Smaug_*

Addded those entries above and... got one banter. Yes!


But sadly it was the only one and the SARAHTALKROMANCE did not increase. I bet some other vars/timers are also missing.


Without further help what vars should get set to make it work again... I guess I'll play something else, then. That's sad. Sarah seemed to be pretty cool. ;(

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Guest Guest_triplewgf

I'm wondering this as well -- I just started chapter 3, and it seems she's silent. I'm playing an Elven Ranger, female, lawful good, rep at like, 16... Actually my situation is practically the same as the thread starter.


Any advice? (before someone asks me what variables I have, I confess I don't really know how to view them. Could someone enlighten me?)


Thanks all.

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