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This mod looks interesting


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Guest GuestCharles

Hi, I must say it really really great mod, one with best banters.

But can you publish some a/b version? It's so hard to wait to try it...

Is it close to the end?

Will there be any dialogues beetwean Edwin and Del?

I've loved it.:)

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The only section to do is finish up writing for ToB, but school has been hitting me harder than expected. Then will come the coding, and all that. I am making the decision to get both features done, and then have it released as one...


Anyways, there are certainly plenty of Del and Edwin banters.

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Guest GuestJoey

I've just stumbled upon this mod after reinstalling the game again and I have to say. GIMME! :)


No, the bits and pieces I've read means this is going to be one of those mods that will make you want to play several times to see everything. So, is there more info on a "release date"?

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...I guess Bri was pretty settled about npc's 10 years ago, so I'll try to make something different. Please ignore this post.

One thing, if you wish to make a mod with those NPCs, feel free to do so. Anything in the game is certainly open to others making a mod.


I'm only working on Del. Even way back when, I realized I wasn't able to do Durlyle. The title of the forum wasn't changed for that.



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