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Bane's Broken Bones (not for youngsters)


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Resource space.


Most of the brainstorming is in private, but just for fun (and if folks want to see some entertaining swearing make it in, help yourself):


Bane's Bones

Bane's Broken Bones

Bhaal's Blood

Bhaal's Burning Blood

Bhaal's Skull

Shar's Shadow

Shar's Blackened Bodice

Torm's Mailed Fist

Torm's Swordhand

Torm's Mighty Strike

Torm's Blood

Torm's Temper

Mystra's Deep Gaze

Mystra's Magical Mantle

Waukeen's Avarice

Kelemvor's Scythe

Chauntea's Bounty

Cyric's Poisonous Temper

Cyric's Twisted Tongue

Grumbar's Clay Fist

Istishia's Flowing Robes

Istishia's Ivory Globes

Kelemvor's Dry Breath

Kossuth's Burning Bones

Lathander's Golden Poop

Lathander's Shining Buttocks

Mystra's Pale Cheeks

Shar's Dark Tresses

Silvanus' Wild Hair

Silvanus' Armpits

Sune's Breath

Sune's Curves

Sune's Golden Breasts

Sune's Lengthy Legs

Talos's Hideous Strength

Tempus' Shield

Tyr's Eyes and Arms

Lolth's Cruel Fingernails

Mask's Sinister Shadow

Mask's Merciless Gaze

Mask's Dark Heart

Mask's Cruel Blade

Beshaba's Bodacious Breasts

Gond's Tools

Gond's Gracious Gizmos

Helm's Arms

Ilmater's Blood

Cryin' God's Tears

Mielikki's Bow-arm

Mielikki's Quick Temper

Selûne's Bright Eyes

Selûne's Silvery Tresses

Tymora's Fortune

Tymora's Fickle Coin

Tymora's Bright Beauty

Tymora's Tempesuous Tresses

Tymora's Swift Toungue

Umberlee's Fickle Breath

Colder than Auril's Tits

Azuth's Mighty Intellect

Deneir's inscruitable Eyes

Eldath's Flowing Hair

Eldath's Elevated Eyebrows

Lliira's Anklebones

Loviatar's Insidious Tortures

Malar's Sharp Teeth

Milil's Golden Voice

Shaundakul's Mighty Breath

Talona's Pestilence

Tiamat's Grasping Hands

Torm's Unyeilding Fury

Waukeen's Silver Tonggue

Targus's Great Axe

Targus's Terrible Temper

Gargauth's Stern Brow

Windstrom's Keen Eyes

Assuran's Retribution

Jergal's Mouldy Wrappings

Bast's Beautiful Breasts

Bast's Babbling Toungue

Bast's Arching Brows




Kara-Turan pantheon, for Yoshimo, from Wikipedia...


Most people in the far eastern lands of Kara-Tur follow one of the two philosophical religions called "The Path of Enlightenment" and "The Way". In the island kingdom of Kozakura the worship of a large number of spirits collectively called "The Eight Million Gods" is predominant. The people of Shou Lung believe in the Celestial Empire headed by the


* Celestial Emperor

* Kwan Ying: Goddess of compassion, mercy, joy

* Chan Cheng: God of war, the martial arts, combat, bravery

* Ch'en Hsiang: God of poetry, music, literature

* Chih Shih: God of history, lore, tradition

* Ai Ch'hing: Goddess of love, marriage

* Fa Kuan: God of justice

* Hsing Yong: God of fortune, prosperity

* Shi Chia: God of artificers, the arts

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I just found this:




and this:




which help out a bit, too - is there more cool stuff you recommend?


(@the bigg - I'll ask someday :) )

EDIT: (@the bigg - never mind - found it. It was copied away in my old files, under "tender spots to avoid discussing". I should have titled it "reminders that good people who contribute great code and ideas to the community are also human". Or, "the past should not be resurrected". Perhaps I should put a reminder somewhere on Aran that if you are expecting BioWare standard, don't (though that should be obvious - BioWare characters do not swear, do not have RE-type content, and are designed for young teens rather than grown adults. And the SA is definitely in. I like it.)

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I'm sure I've seen "Helm's Beard" used in the game itself at one point, though perhaps that was a mod adding that.



I've come up with a few myself (as well as a few in here), so I might as well share the small fruits of my brain.



Azuth's Word

Bhaal's Tears

Lovitar's Lips

Tempus' Teeth

Chauntea's Rosy Cheeks,

Umberlee's Teats

Liira's Laugh

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Guest -Anonymous-

By Valkur's Strapping Buttocks (Branwen from BG1)

Damn the Icicles of Auril (also Branwen)


and of course, the Bitch-Queen Umberlee

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