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Curious re this Mod

Strontium Dog

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I see that this is, in some ways, an updated version of Zyraen's Miscellany pack. I have a few questions:-


I presume that that this mod doesn't take item-adding mods into account so that if I install any item-adding mods onto my BG2-install, then this mod won't affect them, just the items within standard BG2? So, if there was a BG2 mod which had a "Girdle of the Titan" in it giving a 3-strength-PC a strength score of 25, this mod wouldn't change it to giving that PC a strength score of 8?




I'm pretty sure that any armour etc. present in other mods won't be affected as, as I recall that BG2-Tweaks(or Refinements?) had a similiar optional component and I found that while BG2-items were nerfed, that mod-items were still ultra-powerful. But that may be different from the 1st example I gave.

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Mike knows this best, but as I read the forum it gives impression that every item is patched separately, meaning that it needs to be mentioned in the given place in the setup-item_rev.tp2, meaning that if you have item from a mod that's not mentioned herein, it won't change in anyway, for now at least, which is the best option in my mind too.
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If you browse the readme, you'll see a number of changes listed in the main component, and a number of them listed separately.


Those in the main component will affect default game items only, while the others will attempt to patch ALL items. Some of the main component changes are also available separately so that you can apply the same rules to mod items.


Here is a list of most(all?) changes that will not apply to mod items: Characteristics Set by Items (like the strength change mentioned), Sensible Prices, Lore Required to Identify, Kensais Can Use Bracers, and Thieves Can Use Wands (I could probably make this last one separate as well if people wanted).


Everything else listed should work on mod items. Some armours and shields may be unaffected by certain components by us not having them on our list yet. Hopefully this number is few and will grow fewer with player reports.

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