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tiny typo in gavin's dialogue


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Noticed another small typo. It's in the conversation when Gavin asks you about friends. I think Imoen has to be absent for this option to occur. He says something to the effect that PC isn't "realy alone". Should be "really".


Sorry I couldn't be more specific. I was planning on posting right after I found it so it would be fresh in my mind, but then I went and forgot. :)

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I apologise if these have already been mentioned.



@18 = ~uses a wand~

Cap missing.



@545 = ~I am sorry to hear that. Please accept my deepest condonlences for you loss.~

Should be 'condolences' and 'your'.


@607 = ~I worship Helm, god of vigilence.~



@647 = ~I worship a differnt god.~



@675 = ~*smiles* Then their is a kinship between our faiths.




@728 = ~I knew of it, but there was little I could do. I could have abandoned my duty to the temple if my absense was causing her to look elsewhere, and I had no legal claim on Mirnada's affection. I had sworn no vow, but neither had she. That was the day I swore that I would not... indulge in intimacy with any woman I had not sworn to wed.~

'absence' and 'Miranda'.



@226 = ~*After a brief, soothing soak in the cool water, Gavin lifts first one foot, then the other, rubbing your feet through a cloud of fragrant suds. His touch is firm, but his fingers slide easily over your skin. The sensation is immediately relaxing.Eventually, he stops, rinses, and dries your feet.*~

Space missing.



@10 = ~I sincerely appologize, but it is essential that we speak with "Her Ladyship." While it greives me to intrude upon her privacy, I fear we must remain until she is at liberty to speak with us.~

'apologize' and 'grieves'.


@12 = ~I, my good <SIRMAAM>, am the buttler.~



@28 = ~That would undoubtably be best.~




@0 = ~Sorry, guv, you gotta talk to th' buttler.~

@1 = ~You dense? The butler, <MANWOMAN>.~




@0 = ~Listen, pal, if you want any service, you have to talk to the buttler..~

@1 = ~Hey, I just work here. Talk to the buttler.~

butler. There's an extra dot in the first sentence as well.



@9 = ~uses a scroll~

@10 = ~uses a wand~

Caps missing.



@432 = ~<CHARNAME>... I am afriad... you are so beautiful... I don't dare... I want to kiss you.~
@628 = ~*laughs* No mere willing maiden would do, I am afriad. My desire is for you alone, and you alone feed it.




Also, when speaking to Valeria, one of the responses (@20= ~After what your lackeys did, do you dare deny the evil you wear like a mantle?~) shows up twice. PC is a cleric/ranger (maybe she satifies both checks?).

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