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Idea for Bg1 Tweaks, and Tutu tweaks´-- boomerang dagger graphic


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The graphic for the boomerang dagger +2 is the same as for the dagger of venom,

and doesn't look much like a boomerang, or with the drawing that goes with the

description. The graphics used for the Pixie Prick which is the same as for Neb's

Nasty Cutter, look rather more boomerang-ish. (Actually it looks like nothing on earth,

but at least if it was a returning dagger it would have a reason for its weird shape.)


I don't think there is any BG1 dagger that uses that graphic, so there would no confusion

with an existing item if the boomerang dagger was changed to use that graphic. Indeed it

would alleviate an existing problem -- Dagger wielding characters could quite reasonably

want to use the dagger of poison when up close to an opponent, and the boomerang

dagger as a ranged weapon. Clicking on the wrong dagger in the middle of a fight

is annoying.

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That should not be too difficult. I always thought that was what the Icon Improvements tweak was meant to do... I'll see about getting it into the next BG1 Tweaks. It's certainly a far sight easier than figuring how to send the BioWare NPC's to an inn when kicked out (a new tweak I'm trying to work out).

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@ lac - You're welcome. :p Edit: Upon further investigation... My bad. :p This is *not* for BG1 Tweaks, but the BG2 Tweak Pack. The Boomerang Dagger (dagg13.itm) is from BG2. BG1 Tweaks is specifically for BG and BG/TotSC.


@ Icendoan - Actually it's the J dialogs. Check Jastey's tutorial, which I added to yesterday. I'll definitely PM her, since I don't want to mess up the Ajantis mod for BG1...

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