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bug: malformed dialog hangs game in Slaver Boat


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This is an old bioware bug.


You go to the boat in the slums to clean out all the slavers.


There is a pen in there with a girl and some trolls.


You kill the trolls, and want to talk to the girl.


you get a single dialog choice -- you are free now -- which leads to three choices.


choice 3 is -- 'never mind that, just run' --- this is fine

choice 1 is -- 'why are there so many children here'. It leads to more choices, including one of giving the children 200 gp. All of these work fine.


But choice 2 is bugged. It is the direct 'give the girl 200 gp' option. It ought to go to

a thank you screen with an 'end dialog' button on the bottom. But no 'end dialog' button

is ever created. So you cannot end it. You hang there.


It would be nice to get this fixed sometime.


Is this the right place to post these sorts of things?



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Probably won't get picked up and fixed right away, but smart people hang around here.

devSin is one of (if not) the only remaining wise sage still lurking around after all these years. I wish he would get off his goddamn lazy unmotivated #@&, take some initiative and post a new updated tp2 hotfix instead of standing on the sidelines! :)

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