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Anyone want to make a mod banner?


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If anyone would like to try their hand at making me a banner, go for it. :( Here are JC's specifications, taken from http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=16186.0


- Dimensions: 150x80

- Size: No more than 50K

- Format: Still JPG/PNG/GIF, or animated GIF

- I reserve the right to reject banners for mods-in-progress if they appear no more credible than Godspawn.


Some ideas for images would be the portraits of the brothers. :p For ideas for taglines, how about:


Evil runs in the family...


... and ancient evils...


... are the darkest!


Elai and Nasard, NPCs for BGII!


EDIT: Oh yeah, In development at G3 is probably pretty important. :D


For a general colour scheme, something darkish, maybe blue or purple. Alternatively a papyrus feel like the BGI NPC banner could do... And a script - type handwriting font would be nice. Maybe black, or gold.


If anyone wants to give it a shot, post your offerings here. :O

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