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Praise... and more praise, I guess :)


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I took a look - and a long one at that - on BG1 with 'talkative' NPCs, and let me say a few things:


Modders be praised. I was never so happy to get sick - and thus stay at home playing BG :thumbsup: - in my whole life.


Thank you for what you did to this game. The silence in BG was really a major flaw, and the reason why I only finished the game once. My imagination can work, yes, but after playing the mod I realized how limited it was.:thumbsup:


Actually... my PCs wanted to say something, but being too shy (and too non - existent, but hushhh :) ), they just asked me to leave a few messages to ye all. Here they are:


Earendiel, a neutral elven warrior, a worshipper of Shevarash: 'I honor your work, word - smiths. You liberated the spirits of my kinsmen: Coran, carefree and full of love to life, Xan, troubled and full of fears, yet a good man and trusted companion... Kivan, my brother in faith and comrade in arms, a true friend, and a noble ranger, even in his sorrow. Thanks to your mastery, I grew to respect and understand those of half - human kind. Jaheira and Khalid are loyal and valuable allies, and I do not regret taking them with me.'


Thyrm, a chaotic evil berserker, half orc: 'Grand job, folks. I know a good thing when I see one, aye. Monty's a fine fella, and Kagain sure can shut the hell up and get the job done. Shar - Teel's my woman, though she'd kick my teeth in if she heard me sayin' that... at least she'd try, heh heh. I met her thanks to ye, I won't deny. My match, she is. I've just had it with them whining, pathetic excuses fer women. She's the real deal. Good job, as I said. Wanna drown a few ales?'


Neirra, a neutral evil human thief, (and a devoted cant speaker;) ): 'Oi, now that be an ark - mod if I e'er seen one! Good men ya've there. I fancied the upright black - box, but went straight fer the abram - cove vagrant elf after this righteous git spoke. Hush'd some goody good, I did, and the lawyer goes a babblin' of me reputation. Stick it, I say. Wanted this Narlen fella, but a gal can't have it all, rite? Good to hear some chattin' 'long the ole road. Thankies.'


BTW, congratulations for what you did to Faldorn. A perfect and interesting Shadow Druid. I hardly ever play good characters - thus never take him along - but took a peek in the Infinity Explorer, and Yeslick seems very himself, and very likeable too ('no, not me family - me CLAN' - I'll be damned if it didn't make me sad, in a good way...). Perfect job on Branwen, too ('I have my work cut out for me', hahaha!) - she is just what I thought she would be if the creators of the original game gave her a voice. I'd like to see a more 'expanded' Eldoth ( a friendship mod, perhaps?)... but maybe it's the best as it is, this man wears so many masks that it would be really hard to get through them all and see his real face - if this character has one, that is. I think Safana's 'doncha like your girlfriend was hot like me' attitude is a bit over - done, but mayhap it's just me.


Very, very good job with writing the possible responses. There is always something to suit any character. The PCs I tried was very different from one another, and I never felt as if something they would say was missing. I liked the ones expressing the player's awareness of the fact that there was something unusual about his/her heritage and nature - these hints were greatly done. I wish it was my first play - through, but, alas!




Anyways, thank you for making an illness enjoyable. Hehe.

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Thank you. :thumbsup: Eldoth's writer, Hendryk, os off the scene unfortunately, and nobody wites like Hendryk. One of the biggest losses for the community, imo that Eldoth BG2 with his participation never came into being. And, well, despite enjoying the mod, get better soon!!! Lol, if you think Safana's overdone here, don't recruit Salomeya in IWD2. That's Safana on steroids.

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And, well, despite enjoying the mod, get better soon!!! Lol, if you think Safana's overdone here, don't recruit Salomeya in IWD2. That's Safana on steroids.

Thanks :). Safana on steroids... ;):thumbsup: :thumbsup: hah, you just made my day :D

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