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dialogue filenames


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I am sure I could find this in the mod-code somewhere but what are the .d-dialogue filenames (for coding, I think they are renamed after installation?), especially for the Ajantis-romance?

Is it XBAjantis, _BAjantis, ...? Is there a list somewhere?


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Since the translators traified V5, you probably would want to start a new D-file for romance. What I did for Coran was to add a separate folder which contained all of the romance dialogues, scripts and additional NPC banters.


As a group we usually use X# as a prefix on our files, and as a rule use at least the first two letters of NPC name to identify the NPC whom the file is refering to (the first 2 letters are unique to each NPC). So far we used the following naming scheme:


X#NPCNAME.D - banters which appends to either _BAJANT.DLG (in-game TUTU name of his banter file assigned in INTERDIA.2DA or his J file (_AJANTJ) in PDIALOGUE.2DA Please check PDIALOGUE to verify for proper naming of his dream script file and j-dialogue)

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